Groom your hair

groom-your-hairHas a woman ever told you that she loves to run her fingers through your hair? I bet she may even like to play with the hair on your chest providing you don’t look like a rug.

The last thing that you need is to have hair growing out of your ears and nose and saluting like a flag blowing in the wind. Now that summer is here, you need to get your personal grooming under control.

When baring it all on the beach shirtless, you don’t want to look as though someone could knit a sweater out of your chest or your back. It’s very important to get it under control by either waxing it off and going Mr. Clean style or trimming it up so that you have a clean and tidy appearance.

Your utmost concern should be the places that are on display most of the time. This would be your ears, nose, back of your neck and of course the top of your head. Keep your hair neatly trimmed and be sure to keep an eye on those unruly nose and ear hairs. A little pair if trimmers will keep them under control.

We mentioned earlier that a hairy back is unacceptable. This is a big, big no no. The best way to cure a hairy back is by waxing. For a longer lasting solution, electrolysis can provide you with that.

Last but not least gentleman, don’t forget your groin. Granted this area is a personal choice but if things are a little wild down under you may want to consider investing in a little pair of trimmers and start snipping. No need to go bald but it is in your best interest to get it under control.

So, gentleman, whether you need to wax, cut, trim or seek a professional for help, get yourself summer ready to walk the beach and lay at the pool. Show the women that you are a well groomed man that knows how to take care of himself. You may be surprised at the reactions you receive.