Signs And Symptoms Of Week 3 Pregnancy


The first few weeks of pregnancy is quite unpredictable and not everyone gets to know that they are expecting. However, it is very important for every woman to know the early signs and symptoms of the same. This is because pregnancy is a critical phase where along with your safety and health, the baby growing inside is equally important.

You have finally conceived after weeks of planning and now all set to bring a new life on this earth. Though the baby is just a cell right now and not even developed any body parts, the third week will still show visible symptoms that you are pregnant.

The egg has been implanted in the uterus and you are officially a prospective mother now. Here in this health guide, we mention all the symptoms and signs that a woman will show during the 3rd week of pregnancy. This will help them not only detect pregnancy as early as possible but also help them handle the changes in a positive manner. Be well-rehearsed about all the points to stay away from feelings of fear and stress. Some women, however, show no symptoms or only some of the ones mentioned here.

Common Signs During 3rd Week Of Pregnancy

Implantation Spotting

One of the early signs, just after conceiving is that of implantation spotting. This can happen anytime after the egg has planted itself in the uterus within the next 2 weeks. You will notice a little spotting. However, there is nothing to be scared about. This is just one of the prevalent symptoms during the 3rd week of pregnancy.

Fatigue And Feelings of Exhaustion

3rd week of pregnancy falls in the first trimester of the three phases. The entire first trimester is marked by severe fatigue issues and exhausted feelings.

week 3rd pregnancy

There is a major change in the production of hormones which can make you feel very tired, lethargic and sleepy all the time. The body functioning also increases to a great extent making you feel really exhausted.Take proper rest and sleep to keep these symptoms under control along with a nutrition packed diet.

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Bloating And Gastric Issues

During the 3rd week onwards till you enter the next phase of pregnancy, you will see that you have signs of bloating, gas and acidity. The digestion process slows down due to the relaxation of the muscles of the entire body. Along with experiencing a bloated body, you will have issues of burping and uncomfortable feelings in the abdomen.

Nausea And Vomiting


One of the most common symptoms of week 3 pregnancy is morning sickness that stretches for the entire 3 months of pregnancy. Morning sickness is a common term used for the purpose. You will always feel like spilling out especially after the main meals. Nausea and vomiting will keep you irritated for sure.

Heightened Sensation Of Smell

Suddenly you will feel that your nose and its smelling power have increased threefold. Your nose will become sensitive to the lightest of smells and you might also feel uneasy with most of them. These are some of the main symptoms of pregnancy in its 3rd week.