Hair And Makeup Tips For An Interview

interview hairstyleAfter finishing college or university, we have to get ready for showing our skills and knowledge that we have gathered so far, to the whole world. The stepping stone to our future starts from this point where we are ready to leave the carefree and secure world of studies and enter into the serious real world.

We have to sit for interviews in different organizations and have to prove them and let them realize our potentials. To make yourself more hireable you need to have a professional attitude and charming personality, along with appropriate dressing and grooming sense.

It is very necessary to choose the proper dress for any interview. Along with that you need to put on makeup and set your hair in such a way that makes you presentable and professional. A neutral, not so done face along with a weary-free well-set hair is the best idea for the D-Day.

Here are certain hair & make tips to make the day successful apart from your professional skills:

Hair And Makeup Tips For An Interview

Smooth Neutral Lips

Remember you are here to do the talking so the focus of your entire presence are your lips. Dry and crapped lips often create hindrance in the way of your speech and lead you to lick your lips quite often which may make you appear nervous and unconfident. Slough away chapped lips with a lip smoothy or balm. Once it is softened apply a lipstick.


Remember it is not a party you are about to attend so keep it neutral. Take a neutral shade like earth tones or nudes, even light pinks or rosy hues can do the trick.

It is important to check the texture of the lip colour. if it is too matte it may look unnatural and stubborn, if it is too shimmery it will end up looking unprofessional. A soft touch with a natural pigment is enough. Try something like the Lakme Absolute Lipstick Kit.

Get Energized

You may have stayed up late the night before, to prepare for this day. But why show that on your face? Shoo away dullness or tired skin with an energizing spray that will make you look fresh and lively.

enerzied girl Let your face reflect your inner spirit. Show the interviewer how happy and grateful you are for this opportunity. A tired face will give negative vibes and show that you are not interested to get hired. A sheer natural blush or a face mist can do the trick.

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Matte Face

Its your most important day and obviously you are anxious, which may cause excessive sweating. But you don’t want to show a shiny greasy face to your hirer. Use an oil-free moisturizer and even out with a setting powder.

Remember not to use any shiny or highlighting product on the face. Instead use a concealer to hide the imperfections. Carry facial blots and use them if needed. Shiseido The Makeup Powdery Foundation is a very good product that gives a soft matte finish to the face, without making the look overdone.

Tame Your Mane

It is the time you want to be taken seriously and make yourself look dependable and confident. It is best to tie a ponytail or a topknot for long and medium length hair.

tame your mane

Remember to spray a setting spray for fly away. You don’t want to get interrupted by annoying stray hair. If you want to keep your hair open try for a straightening blow dry or use bobby pins to set it. For short hairs it is easier to manage, still don’t go for over the top styles by spiking or using too much gel.

It is important to be yourself and present your positive side in any interview apart from following these tips.