Hair Care Few To – Do’s

Hair is reflections of your health and lifestyle. Over the time hair tends to lose its natural properties. Balanced diet is the key to have good quality of hairs and best way to have awesome hair.

You can also adapt few of the followings do’s in your daily shower routine such as-

Use of mild and natural products – All shampoos have cleansers as constituents to remove dirt and grime without stripping away too much of natural hair nourishment. It is advised to use  mild and naturally derived cleansers as they are less likely to take vital oils away from hair.

Use of products – Best way to apply shampoo is to use it on wet hair and message onto roots first and then to crown and finally hair ends. Conditioners should only be applied at the ends.

Over wash – Shampooing every day is harmful as it will leave your hair and scalp dry. Ideally it should be used twice of thrice a week and other days just rinse hair with water and condition ends.

Deep conditioning – In case you use lot of hair styling products or make heat based -styles, deep conditioning is must do for you, once a week. Hair mask can also be taken based on the condition and texture of hair in consultation with good hair stylist.

Blow-drying – Use of blow dryer should be minimized as in long run it may have bad effects on hair quality. In fact hair drying should be done only with damp hair with heat-protecting spray on it. Technically hair dryers are designed to be used holding high above your hair (as if stylist is using) and should be moved continuously to and fro without concentrating at one spot. While blow drying use fingers to glide till hair are 80% dry and then brush can be used.

Silicone based products – You should not blow dry hair after application of silicone based anti frizz or enhancing shine products as blow drying will make them have a “shrink wrap” effect leading to damage your hair.

Best bristles – Natural bristles are the best as they distribute scalp’s oil equally keeping your hair well nourished.