Hair Care – Natural Oils and it’s Properties

natural oils

A lot of oils are natural and can be good for black hair. They include coconut oil, avocado, olive, sapote, manketti and moringa oils. Each has inimitable properties

natural oils

Here Are A Few Tips On How To Use Natural Oils For Hair Treatment

Before shampooing the hair, it is good to oil it.  Shampoo sometimes strips off the oil from the hair, so it’s better to oil the hair first so that it is well protected. It is better when the oil is warm; however, it can be of room temperature also. Massage your scalp gently with oil if your scalp is itchy or dry.

You can mix herbs with the oil of your choice. Choose the herbs to use depending on what your need is, whether for growth or strengthening, etc.

When you apply a thin layer of oil, your hair is protected as the oil locks and retains the moisture. People with black hair have to do this process regularly. Deep conditioning, using henna or hair masks, even shampooing might dry your hair out sometimes; so adding a little oil protects your hair.

Some oils such as castor are thick and stick to the hair, whereas some others are light. Some oils are expensive, while some might be quite economical. The benefit differs from oil to oil. The purest oil is one that is unrefined and cold-pressed. Choose the one that best suits your hair.


Listed Below Are The Properties Of A Few Organic Oils

Castor oil guards the scalp and the hair from external hazards. It increases the volume of the hair. The only issue is that it will be absorbed slowly.

Castor oil

Avocado can be absorbed easily and is full of Vitamin B, D and A.

Camellia oil is rich in Vitamin E and Alec acid. It’s good for frizzy hair, because it smoothes and shines dull hair. This oil can also be absorbed easily.

Wonder oil is nothing but coconut oil. It is good for the scalp, soothes minor scalp irritation and disorder, penetrates well, is antifungal and anti-bacterial.  It has high amounts of protein.

coconut oil

Safflower oil contains Vitamin E and is very good for dry, damaged scalps, as it can be absorbed easily.

Macadamia nut oil safeguards the hair from the external environment. It can be absorbed easily; hence it is great for dry, damaged hair.

Grape seed oil is light and easily absorbable. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. It tones the scalp, as it is an astringent.Grape seed oil