Hair Care Tips With Olive Oil

Hair Care Tips With Olive Oil

Hair Care Tips With Olive Oil The wondrous olive oil is a one stop hair care solution for vitalized, strong and shiny hair. Found in the Mediterranean region, these yellow- green, round fruits are a powerhouse of nutrients. Rich in polyphenols, squalene, Vitamin E and Vitamin K, olive oil provides a holistic treatment for your tresses.

Consumed as an edible oil, massaged externally or coated as a mask, whichever way you choose, the results are simply miraculous. The following are the benefits of olive oil for your hair.

Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair Care

Do Away With Dandruff

Dandruff is a common scalp disorder which is caused due to exposure of hair to extreme conditions like heat, cold, excessive combing etc. It leads to abnormal flaking of the scalp followed by irritation and redness. Olive oil can help treat this condition by infusing the scalp with moisture. Regular massage with olive oil will show immediate benefits. Adding lemon to the oil before messaging makes the treatment even more effective.

Sunshine Hair

Shiny hair is the first sign of healthy hair. Pollution, unhealthy lifestyles, substandard hair products and illness often take a toll on our hair, leaving it dull, drab and lifeless.

Hair Care Tips With Olive Oil

This is because they strip the hair off moisture. However, olive oil can help you to get that mirror shine you always dreamt of. Just apply olive oil an hour before washing your hair and see the difference. Your hair is sure to shine with health.

Say Goodbye to Split Ends

Split ends are broken and uneven hair ends which vary in length. These are usually caused by excessive combing and harsh conditions. Weak hair is more prone because of its inability to fight against external factors. Moreover, the nutrition which needs to be given to the hair strands is hindered and is unable to reach the lower parts of the hair strands.

Application of olive oil to hair roots and strands weekly can repair split ends by giving protection to the hair. The oil should be allowed to stay overnight and washed off the next morning. The nourishment provided by the oil will give strength to the hair and in turn arrest split ends.

Feather soft Hair

For getting irresistible, baby soft hair, we generally depend upon chemical conditioners and serums which we apply after a shampoo. The silicon ingredients found in these commercial products give a false feeling of softness which vanishes within no time. A regular message with olive oil softens the hair and helps to permanently improve the texture.

Drench Dryness

Treat your brittle, dry, parched hair to a dose of olive oil to eliminate the dryness, smooth the cuticles and improve the overall health of your hair.

Pour about 1/4 cup of olive oil and massage it into your scalp. Then comb the excess oil through the length of your hair. Let this mask set for 20 minutes and Shampoo your hair thoroughly. Dry and style as usual.

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Silky and Smooth

The demand for smooth and straight has launched various chemical products in the market which are extremely expensive, unhealthy and short-lived.

Hair Care Tips With Olive Oil

Olive oil smoothens out frizzy hair and tames flyways. Apply a mask of olive oil and egg yolk to the hair once a week .After a few months hair will be straighter and more manageable.

Let Go Off Lice

Olive oil provides a gentle and efficient remedy to the nuisance of lice. The grease in the oil smothers the lice and later it can be easily washed off. Apply sufficient amount of olive oil to your hair before going to bed and cover your hair with a shower cap. The lice will suffocate and die till morning leaving your hair clean.

Lengthy Locks

The rich nutrients present in olive oil are the secret behind long, lustrous hair. A regular warm olive oil message helps to promote hair growth as the messaging enhances circulation and as the nutrients of the oil seep into the head, they activate the growth.

Battle Baldness

Olive oil, with its antibacterial compounds and antioxidants, is well known to impede the ageing process of the body. Balding or hair loss is also one of these processes which can be handled with regular usage of olive oil. Another main cause of hair loss is the chemicals present in artificial hair dyes and other such hair products.

Moreover, the rich nutrients like Vitamin E, Niacin, Vitamin D and Biotin, are extremely advantageous to foster hair growth. When olive oil is messaged on the scalp, its nutrients are absorbed by the scalp and the hair roots. This helps to promote the growth of new hair strands and prevents hair fall too.