Hair Care – Top Ideas For Healthy Hair Care

Hair is a girl’s most precious jewel. But this jewel can be damaged if it lacks the proper care. Hair care is not that hard.All you need is to make time for your hair and make a habit of performing the task on a regular basis. Trust me; you will love your hair more than ever.

First is the basic hair care. All you need is to apply hair oil on a regular basis. You can apply hair oil twice or thrice a week. But for better results, apply hair oil every alternate day. That will keep your hair well nourished and soft. This also enhances the hair growth. The best oil for hair is Coconut Oil.

You can also go for Olive Oil, which is equally good for the hair. Almond Oil is also a good choice. It contains a good amount of Vitamin E and is good for the hair. If you want something extra, then mix a bit of Castor Oil with Coconut or Olive Oil and use that. You will be amazed with the results.

Thanks to the pollution and heat, everyday many of us lose a lot of hair. To make the roots strong and prevent hair fall, apply Henna twice a month. That will make the roots stronger and prevent hair fall. And at the same time, it will also add colour to your hair.

Dandruff is one big problem. There are thousands of anti dandruff shampoos out in the market but to avoid hair damage, it is better to go for natural remedies. The juice of Lemon is really good for dandruff. After washing the hair, mix 3-4 tablespoons of Lemon Juice to a mug of water and rinse your scalp with that water. Do this twice a week. Your hair will be free of dandruff and shiny.

Conditioner is a must for hair. Once again you can have natural conditioner. Just apply sour Yogurt on your hair, keep it for half hour and then wash with a good shampoo. You can also mix sour Yogurt with the Henna you apply on your hair.

Remember, you have to make time for your hair. Take the time to take care of it and you will not regret it at all.