Hair Coloring Tips

Some people are discouraged from dying their hair because treatment often results in an unnatural looking color, which rather than complementing the features and appearance, tends to distract and detract from it. Some hair dyes can leave the hair dry, brittle and damaged, with no way of restoring the condition without a radical hair cut. Following these useful tips will help you to ensure beautiful natural hair color, safely and effectively, every time.

Choosing a Tone and Color:

To ensure a natural match to your skin tone and eyebrows, it is advisable to go for a color that is no more than three shades darker or lighter than your original tone. Also, make your decision based on the complexion of your skin.

If you have a very ruddy complexion, stay away from reddish tones, because that will emphasize it.If your skin is olive colored, yellow tones and pale bleached dyes are better avoided. If you are unsure, try opting for a temporary dye to get a feel of the results before using permanent hair color.

For A Natural Look:

Hair that is dyed a single uniform color often does not look natural. Brown hair will have darker strands within it and is often lighter where it catches the sun.

To emulate this for a convincing hair color, opt for highlights and lowlights. Highlights lift and brighten the overall color and draw attention to facial features when placed at the hair line. Lowlights give depth to the overall color in combination with darker tones.

Maintaining Colored Hair:

Dyed hair should be washed less frequently than hair that has not been dyed. This not only preserves the color for longer duration, but also conserves the natural oils present in the hair, which may already have been depleted by the coloring process.

To further support the process, choose a shampoo specifically meant for color treated hair.

To avoid dark or light roots, which occur with new growth of the hair, have your color touched up every 8 weeks. For best results, choose an experienced colorist at a reputable salon. If you are coloring at home, only use well known brands and follow instructions carefully.With these great tips you can go ahead and color with confidence.