Hair Colors

Hair coloring is not a new phenomenon because females have been dying their hair since time immemorial. The practice traces back to ancient Egyptian women. Presently, over 75% of females use hair coloring, while men have also not lagged far behind.

Hair coloring is resorted to only for fashion purposes by females, while males dye hair to turn their gray hair back to black. Hair dyeing is resorted to bring hair back to its natural shade that is either desirable or fashionable.

For people with sensitive scalp, only natural hair dyes or plant derivatives like Henna should be used. The need to dye hair without subjecting it to chemicals requires the use of temporary dyes. However, which color and which product is the correct one to get the desired effect, is something which is always debated.

You should know different types of dyes, before choosing the hair color. Avoid chemical content dyes. Different kinds of dyes include –

1. Permanent Dyeing of hair is used to cover up graying hair and for color lightening purposes. To ensure the pigments go deep into the shafts of hair, you have to strip the hair cuticle, which is best done by an expert hair dresser.

2. Semi-permanent dyes are popular which can last for about twenty shampoos.

3. Temporary dyeing can be adopted through pastes, gels, rinses, sprays etc. It coats only the hair surface, and doesn’t go deep into shafts. It can be washed off easily and doesn’t last more than 3 shampoos.

4. Progressive dyes can bring a dark shade to hair and when you use it often, hair becomes darker. When you don’t use it for long, the color will return to gray shade.

5. Highlighting is used for color lightening so that you get a sun-streak like appearance.

Dyeing of hair should be done carefully without mixing various coloring materials because it can damage your hair.  Ensure you don’t damage the hair, for which natural dyes are the best.

Make sure that the chosen color fully blends with the hair and even if the dye is lighter than your hair color, beware; it can damage your hair more intensely.