7 Hair Extension Application Techniques

Hair Extension Application TechniquesIf you are looking for a quick, temporary way to change your hairstyle, then you should consider wearing hair extensions. They are the latest trend in hair fashion.

Hair extensions come in a variety of colors and textures. You can buy natural hair, synthetic hair or a mixture of both. Hair extensions can be incorporated into the hair in many different ways. Here is a look at how you can wear hair extensions to vary your look.


These types of hair extensions come with small clips at one end of the hair. They can easily be clipped into your hair. They are inexpensive to purchase, and you can clip them on yourself, without having to go to a salon.


Some hair extensions are just loose hair that needs to be braided into your natural hair. An experienced hair stylist will know of a few different ways to braid the extensions into your hair.


A more permanent form of incorporating hair extensions into your natural hair is to have the extensions bonded. This means that special bonding glue is applied to one end of the hair and then placed into your hair at the root. It’s like applying false eyelashes. You can remove the bonded hair by using a special product designed to remove the bonding glue.


Weaving is the most common way of adding hair extensions to your natural hair. First the hair stylist will braid your natural hair into tracks that wrap around your head. Then the hair extensions are sewn into your hair tracks. The tracks need to be braided close to your scalp so that the extensions lie flat and smooth against your head.


Another method is called fusion. During this process the hair is glued into your roots by using a hot glue gun. This process is best done at a salon and can take several hours to complete it. Recently stylists created a new fusion technique called cold fusion. Cold fusion involves using a keratin based ingredient to attach the hair extension to your roots. It’s easier on the hair and causes less damage.


These types of extensions come with glue already attached to the tip of the hair. You need a special applicator to apply the extensions.

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This method is the newest hair extension application technique. For this process, the extensions have metallic rings attached to one end. Using a special tool your stylist can attach the rings to your natural hair.

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