Hair Extension Can Give You A Wonderful New Look

Some of my friends often complain that their hair takes a long time to grow. I am sure many other women out there face the same problem. This makes trying new hair styles almost impossible. But do not let this problem stop you from trying out new things. This is where hair extensions come in.

What are these hair extensions? They are either real or synthetic hair that can be attached close to the scalp in different ways. They look like real hair and are easy to use. They come in different colours and styles. There are different types of hair extensions such as weaving, clip ins, braid, tube, hot glue gun system and many more.

While you are using hair extensions, make sure you use the one that are made of real hair. That way you will be able to use hair iron and curers. Synthetic extensions will melt if you apply heat.

If you have short or medium length hair and want long hair, then clip in hair extension is your thing. This is in fact one of the most popular ones available. It is easy to use and you can do this at home. So, no need to rush to the salon for assistance. All you need to do is part your hair, attach the clips and there you go. They would look just like real hair.

Weaving is also another very popular hair extension. In this case, the extended hair is weaved with real hair. Basically new hairstyle is made with these extensions.

Glue gun seems unusual, but this method is widely used. In this case the hair extensions are attached to your actual hair. Here it should be mentioned that, taking these extensions can be a hustle. And you might lose some hair in the process of removing them. So better be careful while using them.

Another form of hair extension is bonding. In this case, a special kind of glue called the bonding glue is applied on the extensions and then they are attached to your scalp, on the roots of your hair to be precise. They are easy to apply and easy to take off.