6 Hair Growth Treatments To Encourage Hair Growth

Hair Growth

A head full of hair is one’s crowning glory, the desire of men and women alike. But it’s not so easy to achieve as we hope – men suffer from the dreaded male pattern baldness, while women often suffer from split ends and damage, all of which affect hair growth and lead to limp, lank hair.Hair Growth
There are a number of treatments that can be used to encourage hair growth. These fall into mainly two categories, natural treatments and chemical hair growth treatments.

Best Hair Growth Treatments

Natural Hair Growth Treatments

These are the tips passed on by our grandmothers or elderly aunts, and mostly consist of the application of natural oils, leaves and herbs, be it internally or externally. A few of the effective hair loss remedies are as mentioned below. Some popular natural hair growth treatments for you to indulge yourself into should include the following:

Regular Massage With Warm Oil (Almond oil, Coconut oil, Mustard oil, or Castor oil.)

Regular massaging of the scalp with lukewarm oil helps to stimulate the hair follicles and increase hair growth.

Regular Massage

Application Of Coconut Milk Or Aloe Vera Gel To The Scalp

Coconut milk has regenerative properties, helping hair grow better than before. Aloe vera gel prevents hair loss that is caused by a dry, irritated scalp.

Regular application of coconut milk or aloe vera gel to the scalp stimulates hair growth.

Aloe Vera

Juices That Stimulate Hair Growth

Wheatgrass juice and aloe vera juice help stimulate the body’s natural tendencies to replace the hair the body loses. Both Aloe vera and wheatgrass juice reduce hair fall within a few weeks of regular intake.

wheatgrass juice

Application Of Herbs And Leaves

A paste made of boiled henna leaves or Hibiscus leaves applied to the hair once a week is very effective against hair loss. Applying a paste of fried fenugreek (methi) seeds to the hair roots also arrests hair fall. Pastes of neem leaves and coriander leaves are also effective.
Chemical hair growth treatments

While home remedies have their place, the main drawback with natural hair growth treaments is that they take a long while to show a result. A lot of patience is required to follow the regiment painstakingly every day or every week, and we all like to see instant – or at least fast – results. This is where chemical treatments come in.

Application of Herbs

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Some Of The Popular Chemical Hair Growth Treatments are:

Hair Serums

Hair serum is a chemical which, when applied to the hair, makes the hair shiner and reduces tangles. The coating of serum protects the hair from damage and returns the moisture lost due to exposure to sun, pollution, and hair styling. The hair serum provides nourishment to the hair, which makes the strands strong and ensures they don’t break away easily, reducing hair loss.

Hair Serum

Chemicals That Promote Hair Growth

One of the most common types of chemicals used for hair growth is “finasteride.” It is available in India under the name ‘Finpecia’. Another chemical is “minoxidil”, applied as a shampoo or ointment. It is available in India as 5% solutions for males with MPB and as 2% for females with pattern hair loss.