4 Hair Highlights Tips And Advice


At one point or another everyone thinks of getting hair highlights done. It is a fun way to add some excitement to your look.

Some women always have highlights done, saying that adding shade and tone makes their hair look better. Others do it simply because they like having a touch of color.

If You Are Considering Having Highlights Done, There Are A Few Things To Consider.

4 Basic Highlights

There are four types of hair highlighting techniques to consider first. Do you want highlights, lowlights, piecing or basic foil? The type you choose makes your color either subdued or shocking. You should always have your coloring done by a trained professional. She will be able to counsel you about what will make you look the best.

Choosing A Color

Color is always a big debate. You should know that you can have as many as three colors in your hair. The more colors you have, the more personality your hair will have. Of course if you do not like your natural hair color, a nice tricolor blend will add some life to your tresses. No matter how many colors, 1 or 3, always choose shades that are only a little lighter than your natural color.

Choosing Color

Consider Your Hair Color

If you have dark brown hair and want to make your color pop, adding some slightly lighter brown tone will add texture to your color. Chestnut and honey brown are good colors to try.  If you are a redhead, you may want to add a copper or deep gold to your strands to make them shine. If you have blonde hair, you may want to consider having lowlights done. The stylist will add slightly darker colors to give your natural color more shine.  Darker shades of blonde and light browns are good colors to try.

Consider Your Hair Color

Location Of Highlights Is Important

Where you place your highlights is also important. Highlights around your face will make you look slimmer and younger. Foil gives a chunkier look and is for more dramatic highlighting. Your color should blend into your natural color and make it look healthier.

Location of Highlights

Go To A Professional

Have a professional do your hair highlighting. Placing them correctly and making sure the color comes out correctly is a fine science. If you do not know someone who does quality professional coloring, it should not be hard to find them. Ask your friends and family.
If you notice someone that has a nice color that you like, talk to them. They will probably give the name of a person you can see. Before you visit the stylist, try to meet women whose hair he/she has colored. Seeing the work beforehand will help to make the process less suspenseful.

Go To a Professional