Hair Loss And Pregnancy

hair_lossCauses for growth/loss of hair during pregnancy:

In the normal course, a pregnant woman will have luxurious hair because of increased estrogen in her body. Increased estrogen lead to increased metabolism all over the body and influences the growth rate of hair.

Added to this, the extra nutrients the woman takes during the period of pregnancy and pleasant environment, all these makes the body metabolism more active, resulting in abundant increase in the growth of hair.

On the contrary, in case of other women, the very structure of the hair could change. The hair may become curly if it was straight earlier or it may become straight if it was curly earlier. The hair may become lifeless and limp. In short, it becomes a ‘sick hair’. The pregnant would experience hair loss. In such a situation, bring it to the notice of the physician or the gynecologist.

Telogen phase:

Those pregnant, who had luxurious hair during pregnancy, could experience loss of hair after the pregnancy. This is understandable, because after pregnancy the estrogen level decreases. After pregnancy, change of hormones takes place and so metabolism mechanism changes. This is called the telogen phase.

The phase of hair loss could be much more during this period. This phase could even last for about a year or so, before the mother can experience the growth of fresh hair. With increased stress and anxiety, the hair loss level could increase and the recovery stage could be much long.

Further, termination of pregnancy could also have some impact on the growth/loss of hair. This is because the body has to adjust to the changed estrogen level, the change of the hormonal level and the resultant metabolism rate.

Home Remedies:

On the part of the pregnant, she must take adequate quantity of minerals and vitamins in the form of fruits and vegetables, and supplements as advised by the doctor. Any excessive hair loss needs the attention of the doctor, so that he can monitor the hormone level.

Handle the hair gently and avoid hairstyles. Be aware of the fact that hair fall after the pregnancy is common. The nature always corrects by itself and no external instigation is normally required for the nature. Therefore, do not be too much concerned or worried about hair loss after pregnancy.