Hair Removal by Laser Treatment

Here is a list of various laser hair-removal procedures for women with unwanted unsightly hair. This should help them decide which procedure to choose.

These are the FDA-approved laser hair-removal procedures that have been found safe to use by everyone who wants to undergo this kind of treatment.

Intense Pulse Light

The technique targets the skin tissues by the use of pulses of light. The effects of the light will reach beyond the surface of the skin and will destroy the hair roots, thus eliminating the chances of hair re-growth. The treatment will take approximately 3 to 4 weeks. This is totally pain-free and therefore no anesthesia is needed. All skin types can avail of this treatment.

Diode Laser

The light from the laser is converted to heat when it is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicles. The damage can permanently destroy many follicles and delay re-growth considerably. The diode laser is about 85% effective in terms of permanent results. It is recommended for skin color that is pale to light brown.


This laser procedure works on all types of skin but will be most effective on the darkest skin colors. The procedure starts with the application of a carbon lotion on the skin that is absorbed directly by the follicles. When the Nd:YAG laser pulses are applied, they destroy the hair follicles. This procedure is much more painful to the skin compared with other procedures.

Alexandrite laser

In this method a rapid pulse is applied to the skin to destroy the follicles. This is described as the most painful treatment among the methods given here, but it gives the fastest effect and most reliable permanence of results. The procedure is most effective on lighter to olive skin colors.


The laser pulses target specific follicles, which is why it takes longer than the other procedures. On the plus side, it is less painful and still gives permanent results to the customer. This is ideal for those with medium skin complexion.

In deciding, use the method that is recommended for your skin color. In addition, consider your pain tolerance. If you think you can handle it, go ahead with the procedure. Otherwise, there are other ways you can have your unwanted hair removed in a pain-free manner.