Hair Removal With Threading


Unsightly and unwanted hairs are considered as nightmare by a majority of women population. We would go to great lengths to remove these hair, especially the hair growing hideously on our face in areas like upper lip and bushy eyebrows.


Plucking, tweezing and shaving have always been our answers to this crisis, but sometimes the discomfort puts us off and the hair grow back soon after using any of these methods. Besides, I just hate it when I nick my eyebrows with tweezers.

Fortunately, women nowadays can have perfectly shaped eyebrows and get facial hair removed through a hair removal procedure called Threading.

What Is Threading?

Threading started as a kind of hair removal practice that originated in Persia and Middle East, and is now being employed in Western countries. In fact, threading shops are now being frequented by many women who have facial hair problems. And who wouldn’t? Not only it is super quick, the discomfort is much less as compared to plucking and tweezing.

what is Threading

How Is It Done And Where?

This procedure works a lot like hair waxing and can only be done by Aesthetician, where a thin cotton thread is twisted around unwanted hairs at areas like eyebrows, upper lip or moustache. Hairs will be stripped in batches directly from the roots, resulting in well-manicured eyebrows. The good news is that, when you get frequent threading, the hair follicles are damaged, which may cause hair to stop growing back.

Women nowadays enjoy this benefit from many threading shops. However, threading also has negatives. Like plucking, skin may suffer from irritation and the hideous ingrown hairs.

However, threading still continues to gain popularity because of less time it takes to do the job. For average eyebrows, the procedure will only take about 5 to 10 minutes.  If done properly, threading is a great option for those who have sensitive skin, since it uses no chemical compound.

How Is It done

How Much Does A Threading Will Cost Me?

You can find many threading salons in metropolitan areas and the procedure will cost you about $5. It is very affordable and effective. Since the hair are likely to re-grow, maintain your brow line with the help of tweezers.

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