Hair Replacement Therapy For Women

Hair Replacement Therapy For Women

Hair Replacement Therapy For Women Dealing with hair loss or hair thinning can be difficult. But there is no need for women to simply live with something as devastating as hair loss as there are plenty of solutions available.

Hair replacement therapy is one of the successful options of treating thinning hair and balding scalp, but it is not a miracle cure. However, there are several women who have benefitted from the treatment. Here is a complete guide on all you should know about the therapy.

Hair Replacement Therapy For Women

Hair replacement therapy involves filling of thinning areas either on the scalp or in the eyebrows using the patient’s own hair, or in some cases the donor’s hair. The therapy has helped innumerable women and men cope up with their feelings of inferiority and low self esteem.

Though expensive, hair replacement therapy is an effective procedure and it can help in considerably improving one’s appearance. For some people, the therapy has also helped in reducing the effect of female pattern baldness.

In order to get this cosmetic treatment carried out, those going for the therapy must have thick hair either on the back of the scalp or on the sides. During the procedure, the thick hair is taken from the back or the sides and then reinserted into the slits or the tiny holes in front of the scalp. There are several reports that suggest that hair replacement therapy is one of the best treatments for pattern hair loss in women.

Procedure of Hair Replacement Therapy 

The patient undergoing the treatment are first given local anesthesia followed by which the surgeon removes thick hair from the back or sides of the head and implants it in the area of scalp that has less hair. The process also involves cleaning of scalp and numbing of the area that has thick hair growth.

Hair Replacement Therapy For Women

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Using a magnifying lens and a sharp blade, a portion of scalp that has dense growth is removed. After this the scalp is sewn closed. Individual hairs are than taken out from the removed portion of scalp and tiny holes are made on the bald area using small needles.

The detached hairs are then inserted into the tiny holes. The process is completely painless and there is no need of hospitalization after the process. However, patients may experience a little numbness, stiff feeling or swelling on the scalp, but it fades with time.

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Who Should go for the Therapy?

This therapy is an ideal option for those who have thick hair on the back or the sides of the scalp. However, it is advisable to have realistic expectations. It is also very important to understand that the procedure does not help in getting more hair. The hair simply gets redistributed.

With time, there is also a possibility that new bald patches get created and need of further surgery may arise. But this hair replacement therapy is a recommended option for those who understand the limitations of the therapy. Consulting a reputed and experienced hair replacement surgeon can also make tremendous difference.

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