Hair Straightening For Curly Hair

Hair Straightening

I always felt curious why curly haired people would desire to straighten their hairs and straight haired people always dreamed of getting it curled. Well the latter should prove easy, but straightening a curl would be a fight between the flat iron and the curls.Hair Straightening
What does it take to straighten those glorious curls? It takes a lot of patience, strong hands and plenty of time, that too without the guarantee that you will get perfectly straight hair. A natural curl is normally resistant to being straightened.

The straightening procedure using flat iron and other tools, without the help of strong chemicals, may give you the straight hair that you dream, but give it an hour at the most and it will start to curl back. However, when it does straighten, it will be more vibrant and smooth looking, because of the texture and volume of the hair.

flat iron

If you have a strong desire to straighten your curly hair, then read on, as we give you simple do-it-yourself steps to achieve it.

Firstly, gather up the tools that you will need, like heat protector spray, blow-dryer and flat iron. When everything is ready, you can start the procedure by washing your hair thoroughly. After that, free your hair of the moisture. You can do this by wrapping your hair in a towel for 10 minutes before ironing.

wrapping hair

While still damp, spray the heat protector on the hair. Make sure you cover every strand as best as you can. In this manner you will protect your hair from getting dry, which will cause breakage when you start straightening. You can find heat protectors in the supermarket and get the best recommendation from the sales representative.

Now, you are about to enter the most tedious part of the procedure. Make sure that you have completely untangled the knots and tangles, to avoid breakage while blow-drying. Once achieved, start to blow-dry until it dries up. Spray again with heat protector. Heat your flat iron and start the straightening process. You can do away with a flat iron, but for a better results use either ceramic or tourmaline. Iron your hair in tiny sections.

Heat flat iron

Well, are you up for this challenge? Then go ahead and try this to get that straight hair dream come true. It should be worth it.