Hair Straightening: Keratin Hair Treatment

Frizz free, beautiful long hair is a dream for a number of women who have to deal with the problem of damaged and unmanageable hair on a day to day basis.

A new method for straightening your hair known as keratin hair treatment may be the answer to your woes. This temporary hair straightening methods has become quite popular in recent years with celebrities and women struggling with frizzy hair opting for this solution. So how exactly does the keratin treatment work to tame those frizzy, curly hair strands?

The protein keratin is an integral part of our hair strands. It is also found in the skin, nails and teeth. Hair damage can cause the keratin present in our hair to become dry and unmanageable.

With the keratin hair treatment, the protein is infused within the hair strands, smoothing the cuticles and fixing the damage. This conditioning treatment not only makes the hair shiny and manageable but also helps protect it against the UV rays of the sun and other natural elements.

Due to the presence of the formaldehyde in the keratin treatment, it is advisable that the treatment be done by professional stylists only. The stylist will first wash your hair with a mild shampoo and the mix the keratin solution based on the instructions. The mixture is then applied to the hairs strands to coat them completely.

Now a hot iron is used to straighten the hair and seal the keratin into the strands. The stylist will then advise you to wash and dry your hair after around 72 hours. Shampoos without the chemical sodium laurel sulfate is usually prescribed for the after treatment wash. The result is straight hair that is smooth and completely free of frizz.

It is important to keep in mind that you need to keep your hair away from water at least three days after the treatment. Let your hair loose and do not tie your hair during this time. While sleeping tie a piece of cloth around your hair to prevent it from getting messed up.

Once you have washed your hair after three days it is safe to now blow dry and style it according to your needs. Based on where you get it done the treatment can take anywhere between 2 to 3 hours and cost you around $300 to $500.It can be done on any type of hair whether it is chemically treated or colored. The softness and shiny appearance of your keratin treated hair can last for a long time, around four to five months.