2 Top Tips For Short and Spiky hair style

If you feel or think that your hair styles are limited because you have short hair than you better think again. You can go for a fun and great look with a little bit of hair gel and just a little bit of wax. Going with a spiky look will add height and volume while giving you a great new style.

Spiky hair style

Using the hair gel, work it into your hair from the roots to the ends making sure to spread evenly. Now it is time to pull out the hair dryer. Attach the directional nozzle to the hair dryer and lift your hair by sections as you dry it. This will add height at the roots of your hair.

Once your hair is completely dry, you will then backcomb it form the crown to give your hair even more height. The finishing touch is to apply the wax. Rub a dollop between the palms of your hands and rub through your hair. This will give it definition and is the final step.One of the great things about this hair style is that if it decides to go flat on you all you need to do is spritz your hair with a little water. This will bring the gel in your hair back to life as well as your style. Just use your hands to reshape it.

hair gel

This style will only take you about 10 minutes to do. It is great for short hair that is either layered or short. The only tools that you will need to create this style are some gel, a little bit of wax, a hair dryer and a comb.

As you can see, this style is quite easy to create and will take you no time at all. You will be able to hit the road in no time and have fun. This is a great style for a day out with the girls or even for a fun day at the office. It is very versatile and easy style to manage and learn. This will give you one more style to your attire.