Hair Styling: Soft Setting

Hair Styling

If you want to style or curl your hair, you will need rollers. However, they can be harsh to your hair on occasion. Out of all different types of rollers that are available, fabric rollers are the least harsh on hair.

Hair Styling

They are simply modern forms of rags that were used in old. They are not only very easy to use but also are gentle to your hair. Above all, they can effectively set your hair.

Start By Wetting Your Hair

You do not need to wet them too much. Simply dampening them will also do. Dampening your hair with styling hair spray will make sure that your style will hold and it will make them easy to manage and style. Distribute the spray evenly from roots to the ends.

wetting hair

Let The Rolling Begin

Divide your hair in sections about 25 mm or 1 inch wide depending on the roller. You can divide them according to the width of the roller. Now, curl the end of the hair around the roller and wind the roller. When you wind the roller, take care that it does not buckle the ends of the hair.

Wind the roller right down to the roots. Bend the each of the fabric roller towards the centre; this will fasten them. The tips of the rollers grip the hair and hold it in place.

Allow the hair to dry naturally when you are done with the entire set.

rolling begin

Removing The Rollers

Wait until the hair is dry completely. Once dry, remove the rollers slowly, one at a time. Unbend or open up the ends and unwind the hair.

When you are done removing all the rollers, the hair will fall into firm corkscrew curls. You might not be expecting this look. However, wait because you are not finished yet.

Start working on one curl at a time. Using your fingers, go through each curl and tease out each curl. Take your time to do this. You will certainly know that it was worth the effort. When you finish with all the curls, you will be left with a full voluminous set.

If you need more volume, then twist each section of hair lengthwise before you wind it on to the fabric roller.

Removing The Rollers