Haircuts For Women In Their 40’s

Haircuts For Women In Their 40’sWhen a woman enters her 40’s she really starts getting self conscious of her looks because it is the beginning of aging and no one likes to look old!

Then starts the frantic battle of the creams and serums, the anti-wrinkle and age reversing ointments, there is a whole new market of products for women in their 40’s. But what if you could look younger and attractive simply by getting a new hairdo? It is true, just read on.

Best Haircuts For Women In Their 40’s

Shorten It!

Nothing uplifts the appeal in women like a short hairstyle! Keep it short but not too short. When you get the haircut, make a point to ask for an uneven border, this will give a modern layering effect to your hair and it will draw much of the beholder’s attention toward itself.

This ‘the’ classic anti-ageing haircut a woman in her 40’s can get! And the later in the 40’s you get it the better will its impact be, just don’t wait too long.

Shorten HairThe Traditional Bob

Bob cuts are or have become the ‘traditional’ haircut a woman can have. While most young and trendy ladies don’t go that way, it has secret anti-ageing powers! For a 40-something woman getting a good old bob cut can work wonders. First of all it will suit almost any kind of hair, color and fashion style, then not many young-uns like to bob it up. This means you will get noticed and remain as attractive in the 40’s.

Traditional BobBangs And Fringes

Another super effective technique for women who have crossed the 40 mark is the fringe. When combined with long bangs of hair, it can be ultra chic and really cool.

On top of that they are easy to maintain and even change if you like it to keep moving. Start with long textured bangs of uneven lengths, then fringe the ends so that they lift up and do their magic and there you have it, you will look cooler in the 40’s

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Curls On The Shoulder

Hair that rests on your shoulder is nothing new, and it can also be the most overused trick out there but let us not underrate its age defying value.

If you already have shoulder length, layered or uneven hairstyle, you would not call this a haircut – technically. All you have to do to shoulder length, layered hair, is to curl them and curl them like never before! This will create a classical look all the while keeping it hip.

Curls On The ShoulderWild Or Not!

This is another short hair haircut for women in their 40’s and this is actually a two in one, like two sides of a coin. For the wild style, you will need neck length hair and the frill iron. Just lightly frill some locks and then ruffle it up, this looks somewhat like the ‘just out of the bed’ look.

For the not so wild look you need shorter hair. During this cut you will need to cut in layers of different lengths and angles, so that they can be straightened and secured with spray to create an ultra modern hairstyle.

Cut in layersFor women in their 40’s or for those who are entering that phase of life, a simple haircut can be a real lifesaver. Going from square to hip, a haircut can turn things around for you by having an anti-ageing effect (which actually an illusory effect of sorts). One thing to keep in mind is that there are some haircuts or styles you should avoid, for example the frilly or thready look.