Hairstyle For Curly Hairs


Your Hairstyle should be such that it suits the contours of your face, apart from your own inclinations and it should certainly make a personal statement of style. Your hair should be trimmed to go with the structure of your face. Hairstyles bring out a different you. Here are a few hairstyles for you. Hairstyle
Hairstyle known as Dragged Side Braids is a class apart from the boring braids which is usually opted for curly or straight hairs. Hair-braiding is very good for summers, preventing the hair from getting tangled.

Dragged Side Braids can give you an exclusive look, besides controlling your hair. This style is suitable for curly hair only because it controls curly hair, besides giving you a new look. You will see the hair falling in a mass in the back portions. Given below are the details of these braids, which you can practice and fashion your hair, all by yourself.

Dragged Side Braids

This style is akin to simply braiding your hair on the sides to look great. Comb the hair first, part them at the center. Divide a larger section of hair at the side, combing down flat and straight. Braid the hair now into a plain pleat. You should first of all have divided this part into 3 equal sections. Hold these 3sections apart, and pull these strands into your face to create a dragged braid. Now braid the strands in the normal fashion. Pick the strand on the right and take it over the center strand, now take the strand on the left over to center. Now repeat the strand on the right, taking it over the strand in the center.


You will get the braided look when you complete it and cover the completed braid with a band. Place the braid behind the ear. Now repeat the same for the other side braid. This should grip the curly hair and you can allow them freely to get a new hairstyle altogether.

Place braid

You will need only 5 minutes for the entire braiding which is a simple one, as simple as any other braiding. All that you require for creating this style is a comb, two bands and hair grips.