Hairstyles For Straight Hair

Fashion changes by every hour and it is extremely difficult to keep a track of every happening which is going on,  however, there are some general trends which do make rounds every season. Many people are lucky to have straight hair as it definitely need less maintenance compared to those with curly hair.

You can see many famous stylists working out on celebrities who have straight hair and coming up with some amazing styles. There are many new unique hairstyles which are easy and you can try them out yourself the look you have desired, by following the latest trends.

Hairstyle Trends For Straight Hair

Some of the new funky hairstyles which are doing rounds this season are discussed in the following for your reference.

Asymmetrical Sides

Asymmetrical Sides

This is another style which is doing rounds as it gives one the cool and funky cool which does go well with a lot of outfits undoubtedly. In this one side is longer than the other, and it is usually side swept giving an unusual look which you would have always desired for. This is the new chic update for the classic straight hairstyle.

Side Layered Fringe

Side Layered Fringe

This again appears to look very chic and cool and also has been a favorite for those with straight hair. A side swept fringe with layers helps to hide your forehead to an extent, giving you a full volume look. This can be adorned for with people with either long or short hair and it appears to look amazing both ways and on various outfits.

Eye Grazing Bangs

This definitely would not look good for those with curly hair and you do need to have straight hair for it. Recently we saw taylor swift adorning this hairstyle and it looked amazing on her. Those with medium to long length hair can go for this style with about two layers at the lower end of the hair, as it gives a feminine and a girly look.

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Chin Length Bob

Chin Length Bob

This can look really nice for people with a round face and who like to keep their hair short. A neat chin length bob and to give it the extra exclusiveness, you can always give it an inside curve at the end, making you appear more classy and elegant. This has been a major favorite of many women across the world as it is easy to maintain, compared to the rest.

Face Framing Wisps

Face Framing Wisps

This is in great fashion these days and many celebrities have been seen adorning this hairstyle. It looks exceptionally well when tied in to a sleek ponytail, just like Jennifer Anniston and she always seems to get it right. This appears to be better with the side partition and can be styled using nourishment creams.

Choosing The Right Hairstyle

It is essential that you choose the right hairstyle, where it can maybe be one from the above as the hairstyle you choose must also depend on the other aspects of the person, such as the personality, the shape of their face, etc. However, you can consult a stylist if you are unsure, as they can guide you better.