Hairstyles For Teens With Round Faces

Hairstyles For Teens With Round Faces

Most teenagers have the tendency to have a haircut that is latest in fashion. They blindly imitate the haircuts of their favorite celebrities without giving any thought to the very idea whether the specific hairstyle will suit their faces or not.

I know that you want to look glamorous and hence want to go for the hairstyles that are usually adopted by the celebrities. But if you do not style your hair according to the shape of your face then instead of looking good you may look weird.

Basically, there are 5 face shapes viz. oval, square, round, heart shaped and rectangular. It is very important to have a hairstyle that suits your face shape. Here we will be discussing about the hairstyles for teens with round faces. If you have a round face, then you can learn different useful tips on styling your hair.

Hairstyles For Teens With Round Faces:

Tip 1: If you are not aware about the shape of your face then you can determine it now. You just have to pull back your hair away from your face so that the contours are more evident. If the length and the width of your face are equal then you can be rest assured that you have got a round face.

pull back your hair away from your face

Tip 2: Your hairstyle should be effective in minimizing the roundness of your face. You will notice that round faces are widest at the cheeks. You can make your face appear slimmer by balancing the wideness. You should avoid hairstyles that are likely to add to the fullness of your face. You can go for short and choppy hairstyles as they can work magic on your round face.

short and choppy hairstyles

Tip 3: Avoid adding volume to the sides of your face because it will make your face appear even rounder. Adding volume at your crown and on the top of your hair will definitely make your face look longer and cute. You can get layers cut into your crown and style it with the help of a texturizing product.

longer hairstyle for round face

Tip 4: Teens with round faces and short hair can opt for different hairstyles. You can get tapered cuts that crop up closely on the sides of your face. Such cuts are very good for round faces. In case of straight hair, you can add volume with the help of mount. And if you have short curly hair then you can apply gel and get rid of the curls.

tapered cuts

If you part your hair at a side, then bobs hairstyle will look great on your round face. The bottom of the bob should not stop at your chin otherwise it will highlight the roundness of your face. Instead, it should fall past your chin so as to create a balance for your round face. The fullness should be created below the cheeks as well as on the top of the head.

bob hairstyle

Tip 5: Medium and long hair can be styled by creating a full volume crown. You can highlight long and straight hair with asymmetrical or wispy bangs. Make your face look elongated by keeping your hair past chin length. You can also part your soft waves on one side or pull it back with either wispy bangs or side part.

keeping your hair past chin length

Tip 6: You must avoid certain hairstyles such as: stick-straight hair, center parts, styles with flat crowns, straight blunt cut bangs, rounded hairdos, or any hairstyle that is extremely cropped all over.

stick-straight hair