3 Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Hairstyles For Thin Hair

If you have very thin hair, you may be frustrated because people say that no kind of hairstyle will suit thin hair and your hair simply flops.

But this does not call for despair or frustration, since we can suggest some good hairstyles for hair that is thin.


The best kept secret for getting an apt hairstyle for such type of hair is to get a hairdresser who knows his/her job, and who can really take care of thin hair and advise you about its propensities. Make sure you maintain your hair in proper condition, since if it is greasy or dry in addition to being thin, it will be horrible to look at.

Add Bangs

If your hair have become thin, due to loss of hair, its good to go for a hair style which comes with bangs.  These bangs, if they are cut well, will bring additional volume to the thin hair and also can be successful in hiding away the patches of baldness.

If your thin hair is accompanied by a rotund face, you should choose a shoulder length hairstyle and with bangs.If your face is also thin, or if it is a fine face, go for short hairstyles which has bangs, as this would be suitable for thin face with thin hair

Add Bangs

If you don’t have any bald patches and merely have thin hair, you can go for a bob, which will be a good relief. The bob cut should be short and sleek that suits thin hair, since thin hair is normally straight. Ordinary updo styles are also good for thin hair and an updo with pleats in the backside of the hair can look great especially when you pin them back into a bun.

Bob Hairstyle

For girls having thin hair, braids would look great. If you can go for hair-extension, or hair-piece to add volume, it will be good. If you really do not know which hairstyle would do for you, you should consult the hairdresser or go through some magazines specializing in thin hair.

Thin Hair for Braids

At the end of the day, make sure thin hair is not something you would rue about. With a proper hairstyle you can celebrate thin hair too!