Hairstyles With Highlights For Short Hair

An inappropriate haircut can end up in you having a bad hair day. Some believe that it is much more convenient to sport a short hair style coupled with colours or highlights to enhance their looks. Short hair is any day more manageable and trendy, and coupling them with highlights gives your hair the extra edge.

Highlighting is the modern trend and it looks great on all types of hair styles. Now when your hair are cut short then you should use highlights to increase the grace of your hair and hairstyles also. Highlights help to give a classy look and it matches with any type of dress. Here are some popular short hair styles to flaunt and their accompanying highlights:

Stylish Hairstyles With Highlights For Short Hair

Chic Short Bobs

If you have straight hair, then one style you can definitely flaunt is a chic short bob. There are several bobs you can choose from depending on the texture of your hair and the shape of your face. You can choose from a shaggy bob, that would have short bangs of hair and razored layers, or a simple-straight and layered bob, or even an angled bob, where the back of the hair is cut really short, while the front is cut in an angular fashion, much longer than the back. In all these cases, blow drying ensures that the respective cuts are set in place.

Chic Short Bobs

Highlights can easily be applied on bobs. For instance, if you have chosen the angled bob, the highlight can be applied on the front chunk of hair; for a shaggy bob, the highlight can appear on the front or the crown; whereas for a layered bob, the highlight can be done on the layers at the back. To get this look, make sure you rub some smoothening cream on damp hair before you blow dry your hair with a brush. Use an iron to give it the straight look.

Curly Hair

So you feel like you have a bush over your head? As if you have just woken up or not had a head bath for days? In such cases, you need to play with your curls. A short curly cut can be done with layers forming on the crown and on the forehead, whereas the hair on the nape of the neck can be cut in longer layers.

curly hair

To soften the look you can use a curl-defining mousse or a serum in order to give yourself the damp look. Highlights can be applied on the layers on the forehead or even at the nape.

Pixie Cut

If you like to wear a no hassle look a pixie cut is just the right cut for you. Go for a layered pixie cut with either super-short front fringes or go for fringes appearing on the sides.

pixie cut

You can even choose to wear the silhouette pixie cut, where the hair is cut very minutely towards the nape of the neck, with short layers cut with razors, in the front. Since a pixie cut keeps your hair neat and very short, highlights are usually done on the crown.

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Short Shag Cut

For those who do not wish to wear their hair too short, a short shag is the best alternative. It gives the rock-and-roll look but has the hair chopped into fine layers. You can easily get this look by applying on damp hair, a portion of smoothening cream, and then using a blow drier to straighten the hair.

shag haircut

The hair should be blown well enough so that it falls flat on the hair, and some strands can be left to hang forward. Finalize the look with a straightening iron. Highlights for this look can be applied practically anywhere- the front bangs, the crown or even the tips of the hair on the nape.

Short Sedu

Best suited for people with straight hair, the sedu haircut is sleek and low-maintenance. For people with wavy hair, this requires regular use of smoothening creams, to straighten the hair.

Using a paddle brush blow dry the hair. The paddle brush makes sure that there are bangs left in the front. Complete the look by using a straightener and hair-mist or sheen that will enhance the front bangs left loose. Light highlights will be applied on the front bangs.