Handle the Break-up

When a relationship ends all one wonders is why it had to conclude this way. But, we all need to move on with life in hope of the best.

So, pull yourself together and handle your break-up.

Following tips will help you.

Make sure it end it Face to Face

The most common mistake people make is that they end the relationship on phone or through a message. This is the worst way of doing it, though it may seem easy.

For old time sake, meet face to face and end the relationship. If you are a guy who is ending the relation then be prepared to see some tears rolling down her cheek. Do not be sympathetic but be polite that you cannot do anything about it.

If you are a girl who is breaking this news to the guy, be prepared for any type of unpredictable behavior. Tell him that this is the last conversation you are having together.

Do not Over Explain

If you will over explain the reason of break–up, chances are high that the talk will lead to nowhere. Be precise.

Be with Friends

Right after you are done with your break-up, do not be alone. Your mind will be occupied and you may wonder if you have made the right decision or not. Be with friends who care for you and try having some fun.

Outdoor Activities

Engross yourself into physical activities like a new salsa class, yoga or trekking. Being out and being with people will help you getting over the break-up.

The Blame Game

It is over so there is no reason to wonder about who should be blamed for the break-up. The more you think about it, harder it will be to get over the break-up.

Remember Good Parts

There must be some incredible moments you both had shared. Remember them and feel happy about it. All good things come to an end, someday. Right?

Don`t Maintain Contact

If you are the one who took the lead, do not contact him/her again to apologize, etc. It is most common with first old-flames. Even though they know that it is over, still somehow they contact each other once in awhile.

It may not seem harmful initially but sooner or later it may lead to complication in your current relationship.