Hands Care – Tips For Soft And Beautiful Hands

You take all the time to take care of your skin and hair, but how often do you take the time to take care of the hands that do all the work for you? It seems that you hardly have the time of the day, or the least you do is use some hand cream. Sorry to disappoint you honey, but that is so not enough. Your hands need more than that.

Most women complain that they have dry hands due to washing dishes. Can’t say I blame them. While you wash the dishes, the water and the detergent harms your hands by making your skin dry and rough. One easy solution to this problem is to use rubber gloves. They will protect your hands from the water, as well as the dish washing soap.

One of the reasons why often our hands seem rough and the skin of the hands seem dull is because we do not clean the hands properly. And by cleaning, I do not mean washing your hands with soap. You need to get rid of the dead skin cells by using a good scrub. Sea salt is an excellent scrub. Rub it on your skin before taking a shower three days a week and see the difference yourself.

Did you know that Cleopatra used to bath in milk? To get soft hands and at the same time have stronger finger nails, you need to soak your hands in lukewarm water for 10-15 minutes. Trust me, after this treatment you will fall in love with your hands. If you do not wish to do so then apply some Vaseline on your hands and wear a pair of cotton gloves before going to bed at night. See the change in your hands in the morning.

Massage is very important. To increase the blood circulation in your hands, massage them well with lotion or any other essential oil.

Last but not the least; make a habit of going to a salon to get a manicure every fifteen days. Your hands deserve that for sure. Follow these tips and have beautiful hands.