Handy Make Up Tips For Eyes

Makeup for Eyes

Makeup for EyesThere is always a definite way to do certain things and when it comes to make-up one must never take a chance in that.

If even once you failed to comply with how a particular make-up should be done, all your efforts to make yourself look like a gorgeous doll will fall flat and end up making you look like a clown rather. Thus, it is very important to stick to the basics of applying make-up.

Eyes That Speak For Themselves

When we talk about our face, every time we feel that there are a lot many ways by which we can make it look brighter, well accentuated and highlighted, but what we are not aware of the right ways to do so. On our face, the most striking feature is our eyes which do the talking themselves. Here below you will find some of the best handy tips to underscore the crucial feature of your face, i.e. eyes.

Makeup Tips For Your Eyes

Must Have Make-up Essentials Before Staring

Must Have Make-up Essentials Before Staring

When beginning to apply an eye make-up always ensure that you are well equipped with the eye make-up essentials. Your make-up kit is incomplete without –

  • A kohl pencil
  • Gel based or liquid eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Eye shadow
  • Concealer
  • Eye Base

Thus, before you sit to pamper your eyes and begin applying make-up double cross check with the check list of eye make-up products that you must have.

Eye Base Is The Key To The Makeup

Eye Base Is The Key To The Makeup

Make extensive use of the eye base as it is the prime base coat on your eye lids to make the make-up stay on them for long, especially eye shadow. Try using a water proof eye base.

Always Choose A Dark Eye Liner Pencil

What is the use of applying the eye liner on your lash line if it camouflages with your skin tone and doesn’t emerge out on the skin? It is ideal to always make use of a dark pencil eye liner irrespective of your skin complexion for best make-up results. Gel and liquid eye liners are not only difficult to apply, but they also chip and flake spoiling the make-up.

Perfection In Applying The Liner

Eyeliner is something which catches most of the attention. Therefore, it becomes even more important to apply it diligently. The best way to apply the eyeliner is by making use of a soft eyeliner pencil.

Perfection In Applying The Liner

Start from the inside of your lash line moving smoothly towards the end. As you do so, the line drawn on the lash line should also get thick before concluding at the end.

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Colored Eye Pencil A Trick To The Eye Makeup

Making use of the colored eye pencil to draw a ‘v’ shape between the outer end of the eyelid and under the brow bone gives you an exact idea of filling in the eye shadow of the lighter tone on the eyelids. For a dramatic look, you may also draw a wing with the colored pencil at the outer end. This will also make your eyes look wider and bold.

Liner Under the Lashes

Liner Under the Lashes

For all those who have small eyes or lazy eyes, applying eye liner under the lower lashes would help them look bigger. Gone are the days when women applied liner only on their water line. This will give your eye make-up a more finished look.

Mascara On The Lashes

Your eye make-up is never complete without a touch of mascara. This makes your lashes look long adding a volume to them. The tip of applying mascara is making use of only the tip of the wand instead of sweeping all of it on your lashes.

Most importantly, whatever you make decide to apply on your eyes make sure that you do the right way or else it would be like a drastic make-up accident flashing on your face.