Harmful Side Effects Of Crash Diet

Crash Diet

The idea of losing weight generally crops up only when there is some wedding or some other function coming up. This means people have to shed loads of weight in a very short duration. At this juncture people opt for crash diets.

Crash Diet

Crash diets are those which instruct you to eat very little quantity so that you can burn fat very fast. I know quick weight loss is something that everyone yearns for, but one should understand that it should not be at the cost of their health. Such crash diets can cause harsh damage to your health in the long run.

Here are some of the reasons why such crash diets are not good for your health in the long run.

In a crash diet your intake of calories radically reduces. When this happens the body reacts in view of that and begins to burn only lesser and lesser calories. This ultimately slows down the general process of metabolism.  It is an inside mechanism that has developed over all these years ever since our forefathers lived in forests and when food was in limited supply. Our body will not understand that we are on a diet. It will think we are starved because there is no food.


So automatically your body in order to guard you when you are on a crash diet slows down the metabolism process, so you end up burning smaller amount of calories every day. This way you will only need lesser and lesser calories to keep on reducing weight because your body would have got used burning lesser and lesser calories.

Which in turn means once you stop the crash diet and get back to your normal diet you will gain all the weight that you lost. This kind of situation will not arise if you adhere to a better planned diet which reduces the weight gradually and not in an instant.

On top of all this, these crash diet procedures may result in spoiling your health by causing hair fall, skin disorders, weariness, irritability, and finally you are totally exhausted and tired. So ultimately during the day of the function you will look dull which is something you do not want.


Hence, I suggest you stick to a gradual weight loss diet. Because you not only will lose weight gradually but will also feel better. More than anything else weight lost gradually will not bounce back, so you can maintain it.