Have Wine, Remain Healthy

Studies have indicated that regular and controlled consumption of wine and beer is good for health with some benefits that help keeping the health good.

However, red wine goes a long way past any other beverages in its avatar as a beverage that actually helps build health and the effects of the red wine are overwhelming.

Controlled consumption of red wine results in the prevention of buildup of plaque on the muscle cells. This plaque is responsible for blood clotting, and with the prevention of their buildup, the chances of blood clotting are reduced. This is also the case with white wine and if the total wine consumption averages to two or three ounce of wine every day.

In France, research has found that despite high amount of concentrated fat in their diet, the mortality rate from heart diseases has been lowered by 40% amongst people who consume wine regularly.

Research also indicates that all those who drink an average of four to seven glasses of red wine every week are only 52% as likely to be diagnosed by prostate cancer in comparison with those who do not have red wine at all.

There are speculations rife, though not confirmed, that red wine may help reduce the possibility of lung cancer too. The anti oxidant component of wine helps reduce the chances of this cancer.

Both red and white wine have antibacterial characteristics and wine has been known to clear wounds since ancient times.  Whenever one drinks wine, the harmful bacteria in the mouth are reduced. This has resulted in a faction of researchers working on how to most effectively use this prowess of wine to combat harmful oral bacteria.

There are thumb rules for drinking wine too. Red wine must be had with red meat and white wine must be had with fish for the best taste as well as from the nutritional point of view. It has been observed that food with high iron content tends to develop bad aftertaste with wine and also points out the incompatibility of the food and the drink which results in an imbalance of nutrients.

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