Having a Bad Hair Day? Here is How to Deal With It

The mood of a person is often reflected by the condition of the face and the hair. One only needs to take a look at these two parts of your body to know the reason why. In one way or another, you may have experienced difficulty in combing your hair and much more in styling it.

One way to get around this problem is to be conscious about the need to maintain a good hair style, one that is suited to the shape of your face and one that can fit well into your busy schedule. his may need regular visits to the beauty parlor and get the right hair cut for style and convenience.

With straight hair, adopting the sleek outlook can be easy, but for the curly hair, more problems are expected. Curly hair can be unwieldy sometimes and it is difficult to control, especially the wavy or spiral curls. Using shampoo and conditioner can temporarily address the wild hair but not for long. However, rinse your hair very well to clear away any traces of residual shampoo and conditioner.  How can you control your hair to appear beautiful?

Here are some tips.

If you examine the array of commercial shampoos, you can see what each one of these specializes in. Moisturizing shampoo is what you need if you have dry hair; oil controlling shampoo is the best for oily hair and anti-frizz shampoos to control frizzy hair. Avoid frequent use of heated rollers and hair driers which use heat because heat can destroy your hair. For untamed curls, use combs that are wide-toothed for better management of curly hair.

As for home facilities, choose cotton over silk or satin because it will protect your hair from the trauma of slipping. One way of showing a well managed hair is to tie your hair close to your nape as a ponytail, tucking in the unwieldy hair with a tie.

Management of short hair is to comb back the hair and apply wax to have a shining effect. Other hair products like moisturizers, anti frizz and conditioners can also be used to mask the bad hair day. Sometimes extensions used by movie stars can also work for some.