Heal Cracked Fingertips

Cracked fingertips occur mainly in the season of winters when the hands bear the sub- freezing temperature. Cold and dry winds impacts to the occurrence of such cracks in winters which makes your hands look ugly and rough.

Here is how you can take care of this terrible hand condition.

Firstly, make sure if you get such cracks then you stay away from harsh chemicals like detergents and even water as it worsens the conditions. Wear gloves if you wish to clean dishes, wash clothes or do anything that requires you to be in presence of water. Hand cream is not sufficient to heal these cracks and also make sure that you do not scratch the skin.

It is always advisable to follow what people have been following since ages i.e. applying petroleum jelly in every half an hour or so. Make sure you do the night care very nicely. It is the night time, when these cracks heal the best so apply loads of moisturizer and do massage gently. Wear gloves after the massage session and leave it for the whole night. The next morning you wake up, you would see a refreshing change.

If your problem is very severe, then you may see a doctor. He would guide you if you have some infections or something and give you a professional treatment. If you have fungus, get an anti fungal cream. If your problem is minor, then repeated massages with moisturizer, petroleum jelly or hand cream works. Repeat the procedure for 2 to 3 days and your problem would be solved easily.

Now that you have solved your problem, second step is to make sure that re-occurrence does not occur. Keep the hands moisturized by the help of petroleum jelly. You can also take help from coconut or almond oil as they keep the skin of finger tips soft and subtle.

This is the most inexpensive method to keep cracked fingertips at bay. Drink loads of water and eat healthy food. Fresh fruit juices and salads are excellent for health so make sure you consume them in a good quantity.