Healing And Magical Properties Of Rose Quartz

rose quartz properties

rose quartz propertiesRose quartz is a light pink or rose coloured mineral found in earth’s continental crust, which is also called the “heart stone” or “love stone”. This rose or pink colour of rose quartz is usually due to the presence of manganese, titanium or iron.

Rose quartz has the reputation of being a healer for emotions, health and relationships. It is generally worn as lockets with necklaces or sometimes even used as beads, carvings and for architectural purposes. Rose quartz is of two types, a transparent one and a translucent rose quartz.

The transparent rose quartz is very rare and is so pale, that its colour cannot be observed very easily, while the translucent one is easily available and is slightly dark pink in colour.

Rose quartz has many magical properties which can bring various changes in a person’s mental life and relationships. This gem can also increase your self confidence, and therefore will also improve your career. So read on to discover the properties of this magical stone.

1. Health

Rose quartz has many healing properties. This stone is mostly used for heart patients to improve the condition of their heart and to promote proper blood circulation within the body. Rose quartz also helps to improve the functioning of lever, kidney, genitals, lungs and adrenals, and also aids in increasing fertility, cures migraines and reduces headaches.

Apart from this, it also protects the user from sexual dysfunction, sinus headaches, throat problems, depression, addiction problems, spleen problems, and radiation. This is also very useful for ladies, as it prevents premature ageing and also reduces the visibility of wrinkles and also helps to reduce weight.

This magical stone is also believed to be good for ladies, who are pregnant, because this promotes good health by protecting the pregnant lady and also aids in sound brain functioning during pregnancy.

2. Love

Rose quartz is also known as the “heart stone” or “love stone”, because it helps to improve the condition of heart and imbibe love, compassion, forgiveness and a sense of fullness within the wearer. It is rightly said, that a person who is not satisfied or happy with oneself, can never truly love another person.

This is because when a person who is not contended with oneself, seeks and expects to fulfill the unfulfilled happiness from others, and when this fails to occur, the unfulfilled person again becomes unhappy.

Rose quartz is believed to make a person feel fulfilled and contended from within, and therefore promotes unconditional love. If someone is facing problems in any kind of relationships, then this stone can be a solution as it also helps to improve platonic love, romantic love, self love and family love.

3. Emotions

Rose quartz is a very good stone to bring peace and harmony in life of a person. This stone is also used to heal mental wounds and pains of childhood. It makes a person gentle, forgiving, kind and tolerant towards other persons, as well as towards oneself. Rose quartz is believed to remove fear and anger.

Sometimes children don’t get proper love and attention from their guardians, this forms a sense of lack of love within the person, which stays on till the person grows very old. For these kinds of experiences also, rose quartz is very good, as it removes the memories of lack of love, compassion, negligence and childhood traumas. This stone also helps to remove a sense of unnecessary guilt from within a person.

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