Health Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea

Health Benefits Of Drinking Green TeaEveryone wants to have a slim and healthy physique. People who are overweight suffer from an inferiority complex and low confidence. Most men and women undergo strict diets to help them lose weight

They consume varieties of dietary foods and medicines. Green tea is known to burn body fat and hence it is incorporated by many into their diets.

Green tea is believed to have originated in China a few thousand years ago. It has been obtained from the leaves of a plant known as Camellia sinensis. The leaves are steamed and so they have to undergo a minimum level of oxidation, which restores most of their healing properties. For centuries, it has been widely used as a form of beverage and also in traditional medicines in Asia.

What Makes Green Tea A Miracle Drink?

For years, researchers have been left confused by the French Paradox. They failed to decipher why the French, even after maintaining a fatty diet, recorded a much lower incidence of coronary heart diseases than the Americans. The answer lied in resveratrol which was found in red wine. It is a polyphenol that considerably reduced the harmful effects of a fat-rich diet.

In later years, researchers found that Epigallocatechingallate (EGCG), which is a potent antioxidant, is much more powerful than resveratrol. It is responsible for restricting the number of heart diseases in Japanese men, even though the majority of them are smokers. ECGC is present in green tea. It not only helps in preventing heart diseases but also in getting rid of the extra weight a person carries.

Green TeaBenefits Of Drinking Green Tea

Researchers have discovered that green tea stimulates the process of thermogenesis within the human body. This process raises the body temperature and hence the metabolic rate is increased.

The fat cells in the tissues are then used as energy to aid this increment in metabolism. So if a normal person, on a daily basis, drinks about five cups of green tea, researchers believe that he would be able to burn anything within 70 and 80 calories. This would make a person lose 1 pound or .45 kg in about 43 days and 8 pounds or 3.6 kgs in a year.

The thermogenesis process is not only stimulated by the caffeine content in the tea but also by EGCG.These antioxidants help in preventing free radicals which are responsible for various health problems such as filling up cells and clogging the arteries.  This enables blood to flow smoothly within the body and makes one feel better.

Green tea is perfect for people suffering from diabetes as it is a glucose regulator. It thus helps in protecting against insulin spikes.  Also, it helps a person on a strict diet to reduce his or her food cravings.

Food cravingsGreen tea helps in burning fat such as Visceral, Triglycerides and Cholesterol. It also helps to prevent the body from absorbing less dietary fat from the food that we eat. It prevents energy from being converted into fat.

Consumption of green tea increases one’s endurance level significantly, enabling the person to exercise for longer hours. This actually burns a lot of fat and helps to tone down a person. Being a metabolism booster, it helps one to retain a lot of energy even after exercising. It increases the mass of muscle in a person and more muscles help a person in keeping slim.

Burns a lot of fatIt is important to not end up decreasing the water content from one’s body in the process of burning fat. Since green tea is made using water and tea leaves, it is a very effective form of diet supplement. It is especially helpful for people suffering from hypothyroidism, i.e. slow metabolism.

Some green tea weight loss products claim that it suppresses one’s appetite, thus making one feel full all day. One should be aware of such misleading facts. Some products make people feel less hungry not because they contain green tea extracts but because of the presence of Chromium in high concentration.

AppetiteOther Positive Effects Of Green Tea

It helps in preventing heart diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and other infections.

Preventing heart diseasesIt contains theanine which is a natural relaxant. This substance enhances concentration and productivity and makes a person feel lively. It contains less caffeine as compared to regular tea and coffee and hence it does not have any negative impact of the body even after prolonged consumption. It prevents tooth decay by destroying bacteria that cause dental plaque.

Prevents tooth decayDosage

It is advisable to drink three to five cups of green tea daily but that can be too much for some people.  The other alternatives are taking green tea pills, using green tea extracts or a green tea patch. However, one must also exercise regularly. One cannot just keep gaining a hundred calories a day and hope to balance it out by drinking five cups of tea. This does not help in reducing weight. All that it does is slow down the weight gain process.

Exercise regularlyDisadvantages

Green tea is not the ultimate and only solution for weight loss. It cannot be expected to do magic works. A cup of tea does not make all fat go away.  One should always maintain a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine.

Healthy diet1The caffeine content in them makes green tea risky for people with high blood pressure and heart problems. Such people should take green tea extracts instead. Most of these extracts are derived from decaffeinated green tea which would still help one to lose weight without having to worry about the caffeine content.

High blood pressureIn recent times, green tea is becoming a very popular method of weight loss and even celebrities are referring to it. It assists long term goals of weight loss. It cannot act fast. Just to be able to reduce weight, one should not drink greater amounts of tea than is required. This actually does not benefit in any way. Even after having attained the goal of shedding weight, one should not discontinue the use of green tea as it is the healthiest form of beverage in the world.

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