Healthy Diet Chart For Expecting Moms

diet chart for expecting moms

diet chart for expecting momsMaintaining a healthy diet and consuming an array of nutritious foods are essential for expecting moms. Complications during pregnancy are common. In order to ensure that the baby is born healthy, expecting moms should maintain a healthy diet chart.

A healthy diet chart helps in lowering stress levels for expecting moms, enabling them to manage daily chores more efficiently. Following a good diet chart would provide a secure environment for the development of the foetus.
The early stages of pregnancy are marked by vomiting and nausea.

These ruin the appetite of the expecting mother. Instead of taking three large meals per day, it is more scientific to consume about 6 smaller meals at regular intervals. This helps in dealing with heartburns. There should not be a gap of more than two hours between two successive meals.

An expecting mom should consume lots of water and fruit juices to keep her hydrated. Sufficient water intake helps a pregnant woman to avoid swellings, infections, haemorrhoids and constipation. Water transports essential nutrients from a mother’s food to the baby. She should stick to food which is composed of high fibre and starch. Foods like oats, pulses and brown rice are rich in fibre and must be a part of the diet chart.

Home-cooked food should be eaten and food from outside, especially fast food, should be avoided. An expecting mother should eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Trans fat and saturated fat in the form of margarine and butter should be avoided.  Pasta, rice and bread should be included in the diet chart. It is okay for moms-to-be to indulge in low-fat desserts.

Certain ailments such as defects in the spinal cord, brain malfunctioning and deformities in the palate often arise during pregnancy. A healthy diet chart would prevent these complications from arising. Iron and folic acid supplements are helpful in preventing anaemia.

A minimum of 8 glasses of liquid, 3 servings of protein, 5 to 10 servings of grains, vegetables and fruits and at least 3 glasses of milk must be a part of an expecting mom’s diet chart. Omega 3 fatty acids, which are very essential for the body, are provided by Soya oil and fishes. Vegetables oils such as sunflower and groundnut oil should be used for cooking.

Calorie Intake

A pregnant woman is actually eating for two people and so she should consume 300 to 400 calories more than what she usually does. So a woman consuming 1200 calories normally must consume a minimum of 1500 calories when she is pregnant.

diet for expecting moms

Gestational Diabetes

Sometimes, pregnancy can give rise to gestational diabetes. A diet chart for diabetes makes all the necessary nutrients available to the mother to help her fight off growth-related issues that might affect her child. A good diet chart can prevent the child from inheriting diabetes by controlling the amount of carbohydrates consumed by the mother.

Folic Acid

A minimum of 4 milligrams of folic acid should be consumed every day by a pregnant woman. Foods such as citrus fruits, beans, yeast and spinach are rich in folic acids and must constitute the diet chart.


An expecting mother should include a lot of protein-rich food in her diet chart. Protein would give her the energy to drive away weariness. Protein has an important role in helping the body get rid of toxins. For nine months, it is not only the mother’s waste that has to be discharged but also the extra waste created by the baby. This is why it is very essential for an expecting mom to consume larger amounts of protein.


Calcium is very important for structuring of bones in the unborn baby’s body. It also helps in the proper functioning of the muscular and nervous systems. Enough calcium-rich food should be incorporated in the diet chart. Dairy products such as cheese, milk, tofu and yoghurt should be consumed in good quantities. Vitamin A and vitamin B should be included in the diet chart as they provide nourishment to the mother and help her to avoid various complications.


Iron is helpful in creating hemoglobin which is in turn required to supply blood to the child. Incorporating required levels of iron-rich food like broccoli, dates, potatoes and raisins in the diet chart will prevent infections and underweight deliveries.

What to Avoid?

Women should entirely abstain from smoking when they are pregnant. Beverages like soda, caffeine and alcohol should also be avoided.  Women should not add too much salt in their food as it is considered unhealthy. Seafood and pasteurised products should be struck out of the diet chart. Some babies are allergic to peanuts and so expecting moms should try not to consume them.

Physical Exercise

Simple workout routines and yoga sessions along with a healthy diet chart are required to keep an expecting mom fit. However, she should refrain from strenuous activities like running and stick to walks, swims and simple stretches. These are valuable for her health and make her feel at peace.

It is essential to share with family members her thoughts and feelings. This lightens the burden for expecting moms. Any complications or unusual uneasiness should be informed to the doctor immediately.

Different women have different cravings for food and eat differently. A woman should not eat whatever she comes across in order to suppress her hunger. There are certain foods that are considered unhealthy or harmful for the new life which is about to be born. A mother always protects her child and guards her from all evil.

So why should an expecting mother not ensure that her child is safe while it is still within her? This can easily be done by following a balanced and healthy diet chart.
A comprehensive diet chart is essential for an expecting mom. One should do some research work on the internet to get a rough idea of the types of food that should be incorporated in the diet chart. It is wise to spend some time in chalking out a proper diet chart and a little investment is totally worth it.