Healthy Pregnancy

changes-during-pregnancyEvery woman wants her pregnancy to go well and have no complications. Before pregnancy even begins, you should plan ahead and speak with your doctor to make the necessary preparations for your pregnancy. You will need to take the proper blood tests to check for immunity for Rubella and other possible complications.

Also, before you get pregnant, you should start to take folic acid to help decrease the risk of spina bifida for the baby. You should continue take this at least until the 12th week of your pregnancy. Another way to get ready for your pregnancy is to check your weight. If you are overweight at the beginning of your pregnancy, you are at a higher risk of diabetes during pregnancy. Try to lose a few pounds before you try to get pregnant.

Stopping bad habits before pregnancy is another great precaution. For example, if you smoke, quit. Smoking is not only bad for your health but can also cause low birth weight and premature birth. If you are taking any medications that are prescribed by your doctor it is best to speak with her to make sure that they are safe for baby.

If you are pregnant, reduce your consumption of alcohol if not stopping altogether during the early stages of your pregnancy. Some doctors feel that a glass or two of wine is okay one or two days a week. You also need to take care of the foods that you eat during your pregnancy. Some examples are brie cheese, raw eggs, and cooked-chilled meats. They can carry bacteria that are harmful to the baby.

Throughout your entire pregnancy the amount of calories that you need to consume are around 250 extra per day. This will give you the energy that you need during the pregnancy. Don’t forget that calcium is important throughout the entire pregnancy as well as Iron.

Exercise is very important during your pregnancy. You will need to monitor the way you exercise during each level of your pregnancy. Adjust your routine accordingly to the stage of pregnancy that you are going through.