Healthy Routine for Glowing Skin

Skin is the largest organ and is protective covering to human body. Skin also helps in regulation of body temperature through the seat glands. These sweat glands give more moisture if body is overheated, as this moisture will cool down the body.

Skin is also responsible of sending signals to nervous system to alert of potential dangers by detecting pressure, heat, pain and cold. Skin shows and reflects your lifestyle.

The following are few lifestyle choices that shows, how they affects your skin –

Alcohol- Excess drinking of alcohol enlarges person’s blood vessels, which can temporarily redden or flush the cheeks. In extreme cases when blood vessels are damaged by chronic drinking habit. Such drinkers develop large oil glands and blood vessels leading to enlargement of skin pores, mainly of nose and chin.

Piercing & tattoos – Possibility of person getting infections are equally high in body piercing and tattooing procedures. Such infection can be result of piercer (or tattoo maker) not following health procedures like washing hands, wearing hand gloves and using of sterile needle.

Hygiene – Hygiene has great impact on the health of skin. A basic daily routine including washing face in the morning and before bed with cleanser, daily having of bath, use of warm water and clean wash cloth are few essentials in one’s hygiene regime.

Smoking – Tobacco can make skin look unnatural colored and old. Usually smokers have more wrinkles around their eyes and mouth. Carcinogens present in tobacco can also hurt skin through development of lip cancer, mouth ulcers etc.

Exercise – Exercise not only contributes to weight management but also leads to healthy appearance of the skin. But it all depends on the type of exercise such as weightlifting is to increase muscle size. It may also lead to production of stretch marks as dermis layer breaks with connective tissue. Exercise increase sweating and skin temperature. Maintenance of proper hygiene is essential after exercise or it may lead to infections.

Stress – Stress not only hurt the texture and health of skin to large extent but can also play important role in developing certain skin ailments. For example tears, rubbing and scratching of skin can cause dermatitis. Picking of cuticles around your nails can also induce infection direct to your skin.

Importance to make healthy choices for healthy skin.