Healthy Shake

healthy-shakeShake together some healthy ingredients in the blender for a speedy breakfast that will help you fight cancer, prevent heart disease and allow you to start the day with energy and motivation. A shake for breakfast takes almost no time at all to prepare, is easy to consume and can be varied to give you a new taste sensation every day. It provides a breakfast packed full of energy to last you through to lunch.

All you need is an electric blender, some fruit, a liquid medium like milk, juice or water, and you have the makings of your easy breakfast. Add honey, yogurt, nuts, seeds, wheat germ or flaxseed to make it healthy and filling. Experiment with different combinations and ingredients; make note of the shakes that are your favorites and share the recipes with your workout buddies.

Here are some of the ingredients you can mix in the blender for your breakfast shake, and the health benefits of each one.

•    Soy milk – contains genistein which helps to prevent prostate cancer and lecithin which prevents fat absorption.
•    Ruby grapefruit – contains lycopene, also reduces the risk of prostate cancer
•    Wheat germ – packed with fibre and vitamin E.
•    Melon –( honeydew, cantaloupe) – great fat burning foods
These 4 ingredients together make a refreshing smoothie.

•    Berries – (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries) are high in anti-oxidants to kill off the toxins in your blood, vitamin C and pectin (which limits fat absorption)

•    Flaxseed (ground) – high in fiber and omega-3 fatty acids which attack bad cholesterol and lowers risk of heart attack.

•    Skim milk – packed full of vitamins and minerals, calcium and casein (which is a hunger suppressant)
Throw them all in the blender with some yogurt (contains pro-biotics for a healthy gut)

•    Bananas are fat burning foods, high in fibre and potassium.
•    Peaches, pineapple, grapes are fat burning foods.
•    Apples are nature’s wonder food, crammed full of vitamins, fibre and pectin.
•    Eggs are high in protein which burns fat, and vitamin B12 which breaks down fat.
•    Yogurt – choose low fat, no-added-sugar varieties – has the goodness of dairy plus the pro-biotics that keep a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut to release energy and prevent bloating, wind etc.
•    Citrus fruits are high in vitamin C and fibre.

Shake your start to the day by taking a few minutes to throw together a nourishing smoothie that will put a spring in your step. Include some of the wonderful fat-burning foods and drink your way to a healthy, trim and happy day.