Help a Friend Get over Break-up

Your dear friend just had a break-up and is unable to deal with it. You want to help but he/she either wants to be left alone or is getting difficult to handle.

Here are a few ways to help your friend get out of the break-up phase.

Get them Talking

Break up may leave some people speechless and they may refuse to talk to anyone and may even shut themselves in one room. It is important to break the silence. There are many effective ways to do that.

Tease them. It may sound as if you are behaving like an enemy than a friend. But, it will be worth it. Be ready to face an outburst of emotions. You may tease by saying that he/she was dumped because of this depressed personality. But if the teasing is making your friend freeze further, stop it and confess that you were just trying to have a conversation.

“You won`t tell me?” Dialogue

Show affection to your friend and give them company. Make them feel special by telling how much his/her happiness means to you. This will somewhat help them gain their self esteem.

In darkness, a single ray of sun is enough to light the area. An affectionate friend is like a pillar in times of distress. Let them know you are here for good.

Give Hope

Tell your friend that it is good that the relationship ended in a break-up because he/she deserves someone much better. Remind them of the people in past who have had shown interest in your friend.

Help them understand that there are many relations which end in break up and it is only after a break up that one is able to find someone new, someone more compatible.

Gender Bitching

This can work only if you and your friend are of the same gender. Just to make your friend feel better, indulge into bitching about the opposite gender.

Time to do things just like Old Times

Do things together that you used to do when you both were single. Party hard, plan girls/boys night out, go playing, travel, etc and have fun.