Helpful Beauty Tips For Women Over 40

women over 40Ageing brings many gradual physiological changes in your body. Your eyesight reduces, hair starts graying, skin becomes rough and glow less. However, a watchful progress towards these sign of ageing could help you stay well prepared. You could decisively alter your beauty regimen, set a new diet chart and reschedule your exercise routine with the newer demands of your body.

Beauty tips for women over 40 is not all about pills and surgery. Cellulite do take a toll at this stage but these could be easily taken care of by practicing some expert beauty tips and regimen. The first and foremost important beauty tip for women over 40 is to moisturize their skin effectively.

As you age, the natural oil glands start to deteriorate and subsequently secrete less natural oil to make your skin supple inherently. You must supplement this by slathering good amount of moisturizer on your face and hands every day. Always use a good quality scrub to exfoliate the dead cells that blemishes your appearance.

A gentle scrubbing removes dirt and oil deposited in the skin pores that could cause acne and cleans your face effectively. Pay close attention to the rough areas like the corners of your nose, chin and forehead that accumulate more dead cells than anywhere else.

Beauty Tips For Women Over 40

Primer to Balance Your 40s Makeup


We suggest you to use Primer before makeup as it smooths and resurfaces your skin for impeccable application of foundation and colors in the next layer. This additionally lets the makeup stay fresh from morning to night.

Use of Concealer/Spot Concealer

Concealer are a must have beauty tools for women over 40s. You could hide the blemishes on your face effectively under a thin and delicate layer of quality Concealer. Otherwise, use spot Concealer to cover intermittent dark spots.

Top Quality Base Foundation


A good and radiant foundation gives a paramount effect to your skin tone. Use of a high quality foundation that is one tone lighter than your natural shade is preferable. Blend this perfectly all along the face so that no harsh line is visible.

Apply Blush Selectively


As long as possible we will advice a lady in her 40s to stay away from blush as it makes your dull skin more prominent and adds plasticity to your makeup. If you still cannot do without one blend this very well at your apples and do not let any blunt end be visible.

Eye Makeup – The highlighting Point

A good eye makeup spells wonders on women over 40s. Make your eyes the center stage of makeup that very smartly distracts the attention from fine lines and wrinkles. Always avoid liquid eye liner at the lower eyelash else use solid eye liner and smudge it like a powder line to give a shadowy outlook.

Lipsticks – No dark Shades

Do up your lips by coloring it with natural lighter shades that are more close to our natural lip color. You could try rosy lip color or many shades of pink.


When using a highlighter be careful to smudge it with your fingers or a tissue paper and do not leave the outlines appear distinctly on the edges of your lip.

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40s Makeup Blunders You Must Avoid

Never use shimmer and glossy formulas on your skin that makes you appear older. Stay away from light foundations that appear plastic. Do not over blush as this makes the underlying gloomy complexion more visible.

40s Makeup Essential Practices

Drink lots of water and keep your skin well hydrated. Nourish the skin cells by applying masks. Prepare one by mixing ripe Banana with Yogurt and Honey.Eat antioxidant rich food that keeps away cellulite more common to older skin. Use a good quality and SPF efficient sunscreen to block UV rays.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Here we are solely concentrating on few beauty tips that help you look equally attractive as you looked in your twenties and thirties. Our informative beauty tips for women over 40 readies you to steal the spotlight and enchant everyone with a rewinding look.