8 Helpful Dressing Tips For Short Women

Dressing Tips For Short WomenHere are a few tips for the not so blessed with height.


The usual mistake that most of the short women commit is using belts the wrong way. A wide belt, especially the one with different colored upper part acts as a separator and divides the body in two parts, thus highlighting the tallness of the figure.

A better choice would be a slim, narrower belt that fits well with both, the lower as well the upper part of your body.


It is wrong to believe that longer skirts add to your height. Baggy and very long skirts give you a shorter look. Stick to only straight and ankle length skirts to get the desired looks.


The trick here is to go for straight pants that almost cover your shoes. Such pants give the impression of having long legs

Straight pantsVertical Lines

Something that never fails to give the impression of a few extra inches to your personality is the use of clothing with vertical patterns. Wearing a pair of jeans with a vertical line in the seams contributes to give that illusionary effect of longer legs. Just a line or two suffices to realize your goal.

Use of clothing with vertical patternsShoes

The most important rule for the not so tall women is to wear high-heeled shoes. The surest way to look taller is the combination of long straight pants with classy high heels. At times even if you prefer to have, open shoes make sure those are with heels to give image of being a taller person.

wear high-heeled shoesColors

For some unknown reasons a majority of short women, tend to mix colors without realizing that it’s monochromic clothing that imparts the impression of being taller and slimmer.

Colors of clothingNeck

Try to give a long look to your neck by patronizing long necklaces and low cuts.

Patronizing long necklacesBody Shape

The most significant aspect of looking taller is to recognize your body shape. Is your body curvy, round, boyish or fulsome? Are you with short legs or short in the upper half? Knowing your body is helpful in deciding the kind of clothes you should opt for.

You should give attention to one part of the body and look for ways to appear stylish and taller. If you are short legged, you should be more thoughtful while choosing dresses for the lower part and can afford to take slight freedom with the rest of the dresses.

Body Shape