Herbal Hair Care

Herbal Hair Care

Herbal Hair CareAyurveda is a system of medicine and a way of living that has come to the modern world from ancient India. Ayurveda prescribes the route to healthy living for the whole body, including skin and hair care. Ayurvedic herbal powders can be used for hair care.

Water-based Mix:

Add 5 grams of the herbal powders of your choice to 95 grams of water and heat the concoction in a double boiler for around 20 minutes. Ensure that the herb mix doesn’t evaporate. You can add water to the mix to avoid its evaporation. After heating, drain the water by pouring the mix through a sieve or muslin cloth.

The resultant herbal mixture is now ready to use. This mixture needs to be applied to the hair and massaged gently. After the massage, rinse the hair well with water to remove any residue of the herbal powder. Portions of the herbal infusion may be mixed with regular shampoo, or it can be used as a spritz and sprayed on the hair.

Oil-based Mix:

The procedure for making an oil-based mix is similar to the water-based mix above, except that you’ll have to use a suitable vegetable oil, such as olive oil or sesame oil. Mix the powders of your choice with vegetable oil with and heat the concoction in a double boiler for about an hour. Once it’s ready, you may use it as a hot oil treatment, or apply it to your hair before shampooing.

This infusion can be also used in tandem with your conditioner to retain the moisture in the hair. Apart from these uses, Ayurvedic herbal oil infusions can be added to homemade masks, such as bentonite clay, or to a natural hair colorant such as henna. It helps in keeping the masks and henna moist, thus preventing the products from drying too quickly.

Below is a list of commonly used herbal powders in the Ayurvedic hair care. You should choose the one that best suits your hair.

Amla (Indian Gooseberry) – helps in hair growth, reduces hair loss, controls premature graying, and helps in the smoothing and toning of the scalp.

Brahmi- increases hair growth, helps strengthen the roots, and improves the thickness and the color of the hair.

Shikakai and Aritha – helps in strengthening the roots of the hair, removing dandruff and scalp infections, cleansing the hair and scalp. They also cool the scalp and hair.

Bhringaraj – also referred to as Maka. This herb helps in preventing premature graying, and also strengthens and promotes the healthy growth of the hair.

Ensure that these Ayurvedic herbal powders don’t cause you any allergic reactions. Certain herbs are powerful and are not suitable for people with some health condition, or pregnant or lactating women.