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Remedies For Sunburn

The effects of sunburn go much beyond the inflammation or peeling of the Epidermis. A single day of prolonged exposure could result in malignant melanoma, while daily exposure could lead to the premature appearance of the signs of aging. The ultraviolet light of the sun, especially the midday sun, is the cause of sunburn. Main

Symptoms Of Sunburn

Symptoms of Sunburn

The main symptoms of sunburn are blistering of the skin, small vesicles filled with a clear fluid, peeling of the skin after a few days and sometimes nausea or flu-like symptoms. The skin first becomes red, inflamed and sensitive to the touch. The major symptoms appear after a day or two.

Protect Yourself

Protect Yourself from sunburn

Your best strategy against sunburn is to prevent it happening in the first place. Wear a sunscreen with a factor of 15 or more, if you plan on going anywhere where you would be outdoors. Wear a hat also because your scalp could also suffer from sunburn. You should also wear long-sleeved shirts or blouses if your daily activity involves being exposed to prolonged sunlight.

How To Obtain Relief


One of the best natural ways to get relief from sunburn is to use a mixture of Aloe Gel and Lemon Juice. Squeeze the gel from two Aloe leaves into a clean bowl. Add the juice of a Lemon, and stir until the juice and gel are thoroughly mixed. Apply on the area where the sunburn is most concentrated and you will experience almost instant relief.

Barley Paste

Barley Paste

Another way to obtain relief is to apply a paste made of Barley, Turmeric Powder and Yogurt. Take two tablespoons each of Barley Powder, Turmeric Powder and Yogurt and mix until the ingredients have been combined. Apply this mixture to soothe the effects of the sunburn.

Various Ways

ice cubes

Some simple ways to obtain relief from sunburn are to apply an ice cube on the area, place slices of Cucumber on the sunburn, or apply some Sandalwood paste to the area. Sliced Potato is equally proficient in giving relief. The main objective is to cool the area and draw the heat out of the sunburn.

Healing Sunburn

oliv oil

To heal the skin that has suffered sunburn you should combine Olive Oil with milk and some eggs. Add some Honey to take advantage of its healing properties and some Wheat Flour to make a paste. Put this mixture on the sunburn, and it will heal the blisters and other

Symptoms Of Sunburn. Aloe Or Milk

Aloe or Milk

A simple way of healing sunburn is to soak a piece of sterilized gauze in a bowl of milk that has been previously boiled and allowed to cool, and place it on the sunburn. The milk will both soothe the sensitive area and will also hasten the process of healing. You could also use Aloe or Apple Cider Vinegar instead of milk.