Herbs To Increase Fertility In Women

fertilityConceiving a child is every woman’s dream. It is more exciting than possibly anything else in the world. It gives a sense of being complete to any woman. Unfortunately, not all couples can conceive easily. Some have to wait longer to experience parenthood. Women often face complications in conceiving naturally.

It is in times like these when people want to try their best at any thing to just experience the joy of having a baby. Apart from expensive treatments and medications, a lot of natural therapies also help in fertility. Here are the 6 best herbs to increase fertility in women.

Best Herbs To Increase Fertility In Women 

False Unicorn

False Unicorn

False unicorn is a herb that has been found helpful in increasing fertility in women. It is said to promote a healthy menstruation cycle in women and hence bettering chances of conceiving. It is helpful especially for those who have experienced repeated miscarriages. This herb sure can give a ray of hope to any woman.


This particular berry can be great for increasing fertility in women. It increases the fertility by actually stimulating a woman’s pituitary gland.


Now for those who do not know what this gland does, it is actually responsible for the production of sex hormones in the body. Estrogen, testosterone and progesterone are known as sex hormones. Chasteberry increases fertility in women by balancing these hormones without which sex drive too can suffer immensely.


Nettles are herbs that are really high in calcium and have good iron content too. This herb is known for it characteristics that nourish the reproductive system of a woman and also the adrenal system.


Nettles also contain folic acids. This acid comes as a great help while conceiving. It is one of the most important nutrients required while trying to conceive. It also prevents birth defects in the new born and aids in cell division inside the womb.

Red Clover

Red clover has always been known as an all purpose fertility booster. It helps the reproductive system and increases fertility in many ways. Most people know of red clover as a natural blood purifier. This herb takes time in showing its actual results and effects when trying to conceive.

red clover

It is always advised to start consuming this herb few months before one actually starts trying to conceive. It helps women who have irregular periods. It is great as far as regulating the reproductive system is concerned. This is because red clover is very rich in reproductive-system enhancing vitamins.



Oatstraw has been known as nourishing tonic herb. It is great for increasing fertility in both men and women. It increases fertility because it actually balances hormones wonderfully. There are a number of ways one can consume this herb. Many people actually include cut and sifted oatstraw in their teas.



Maca is a kind of herb found primarily in Peru. This herb is a good cure from women who suffer from poly cystic ovarian syndrome. Maca is excellent for producing healthy eggs in women and it regulates hormones related to the reproductive system of a woman too. Maca is found helpful in boosting one’s libido.

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