High Calorie Foods

high-calorie-foodsThe current fashion today is to be as skinny as possible, however it is important to know that there are foods very high in calories.

While some women are naturally skinny, some do not and they should be happy with what they have been given. If you really want to lead a healthy lifestyle, then you should probably change completely your diet.

However, if you want to pack up pounds for some reason, then you should be considering eating the foods below. They are definitely going to stack up fat on your body.

If you are on a r, then you should consider eating around twenty grams more than recommended dose of the meats you want.


Serving cooked paste, say two ounces of pasta, will add up seventy five calories. The rest of the ingredients you add however will increase the number of calories. The meatballs you eat with the spaghetti and the dressing or coatings you are serving add up.

Peanut butter

You can spread two tablespoons of peanut butter with salt on the bread. This means a 192 calorie snack already!

Chocolate spread

You can serve chocolate nut spread on the bread. If you consume 100 gram of it, this makes up a meal encompassing 541 calories, therefore beware of the chocolate spread!


Cheddar serving will bring you up to 69 calories in one go. Because cheese is made from concentrated milk, it also comes along with a lot of fat and this add up to the pounds.


Dressing types and the amount you are pouring into the dish will also add up to a lot of calories. For instance, if you are eating a salad, which is a low calorie dish and then pour in the dressing, you will certainly add a lot of calories.

Butter or margarine

Every five grams of butter or margarine can add up 36 calories more to the total intake. Therefore, the calories start adding up and your pounds will start to accumulate. Since butter encourages the absorption of other nutrients, it is no wonder that the calorie number is blow up.