Home Ingredients That Add Moisture To Dry Hair

Home Ingredients That Add Moisture To Dry Hair

Home Ingredients That Add Moisture To Dry Hair Dryness is the bane of beautiful lustrous tresses. It takes away all the sheen and radiance leaving behind dull, lifeless and hard to manage hair. Various cosmetic and over the counter products which promise to treat dryness may give temporary relief, but do more harm than good in the long run.

So, it is best to use homemade hair products which have natural ingredients to restore the lost glory of your dry and sagging tresses. Here we will tell you how this can be done to the best effect.

Hot Oil

Coconut or olive oil works as an elixir for your dry and limpid tresses. Heating the oil adds to its benefits exponentially. Take some oil within the palms of your hands, rub your hands together to heat up the oil. You may also do it by taking some hot water from the geyser, while keeping the oil in a bowl. Place this bowl in the hot water and let it remain so for some time. You are now ready for the hot oil treatment.

Wet out your tresses with some water and take some hot oil in your hands. Now use your fingers to rub the oil gradually all over your scalp covering every inch thoroughly and coating every strand. Move a wide-toothed comb through the hair to evenly distribute the oil.

It is best if the oil is applied on your head during bedtime. This will allow complete moisturization all through the night. In the morning rinse off thoroughly using an herbal shampoo and gently towel dry. Repeating this every week restores all the lost moisture of the hair.

Use Mayonnaise For Oiling

Lipid present in mayonnaise helps to restore the oiliness of your hair. Simply apply some of this product with your fingers to cover every strand on your head. Let it sit for half an hour. Then rinse thoroughly and shampoo out using a herbal product. Then condition your hair. Overtime the dryness of the hair will give way to shining and radiant tresses. Peanut butter works the same way so you can also use it instead of mayonnaise.

Moisturize Thoroughly With Honey

Organic honey is truly a miracle worker; it is an ingredient which is a complete medicine in itself for the dry hair. Apply it singly or in combination with lemon juice to treat dryness forever. Honey is hygroscopic; it captures and retains moisture for a very long time.

Besides it also contains vitamins and enzymes in hordes which nourish the roots and hair follicles giving life back to your hair from the inside. Finally, the antimicrobial properties of honey kill the bacteria and other harmful microbes surviving on the scalp for nourishment robbing you of the vital moisture. All this together result in a complete treatment of the dryness of your hair restoring all the lost glory.

Take some organic honey and apply it thoroughly on your hair and leave for half an hour then rinse away completely under warm shower for miraculous effects.