5 Home Remedies For Asthma Wheezing

5 Home Remedies For Asthma Wheezing

Asthma wheezing can be controlled to a great extent by using some of the easily available home remedies. Anti-inflammatory agents like turmeric reduce inflammation of the affected regions, thereby making breathing easier.

Most home remedies for asthma are usually vegetables or spices that can be used in high concentrations to relieve symptoms of asthma.Asthma can be kept under control by changing a few dietary measures and using easily available elements like garlic, ginger, some herbs, honey and even coffee. Read on more to know about these in details:

Best Home Remedies For Asthma Wheezing


This is a commonly used cure for asthma attacks and can be taken in many ways, although the most common method is to drink a hot infusion of it.


The fusion is created by crushing ten or so cloves of garlic in a cup of hot water or tea and then drinking it when it cools down to a reasonably hot temperature.This infusion is a very potent cure for asthmatic wheezing and a variety of other common breathing difficulties.


Ginger is another extremely potent agent to reduce the symptoms of asthma in a very short time. It is also a very versatile agent, since it can be infused into hot water, crushed and eaten with honey or even chewed raw for getting almost instant relief against the suffocating sensation. It is an anti-inflammatory agent which makings it a very useful cure for asthma symptoms.

garlic 1

Use this two to three times a day or as required.


Coffee contains caffeine,which is a natural agent that fights asthma and most other breathing problems. A hot cup of coffee with or without milk can serve to relieve the symptoms of asthma allowing you to get rid of the discomfort that accompanies an asthma attack.

black coffee

Hot coffee is also useful since the temperature helps to wash away the excess mucus increasing the relief experienced by the patient. A cup of coffee is a reliable instant cure against asthma wheezing.


Honey is one of the oldest known cures for asthma, since it fights inflammation,dissolves excess mucus and also prevents any infection from flourishing in the affected region.

honey 1

Since honey is a very healthy food,you can simply take a tablespoon of honey and eat it whenever you sense an asthmatic attack occurring. This helps to prevent the attack from materializing and also has a pleasant taste. Use honey immediately if you have an access to it since it has no side effects at all.


Onions are effective anti-inflammatory agents which can be administered very simply during the times of distress. Simply slice a small piece of onion and chew it and the juices will provide almost instant relief against inflammation. If the smell is too pungent, try adding a bit of vinegar,which will reduce the pungency of the onion characteristic odor.


Try this remedy whenever you sense an attack occurring or simply as a routine measure to prevent asthmatic attacks and wheezing.Asthma wheezing is a very uncomfortable and inconvenient phenomenon that can be easily controlled using simple ingredients found in the kitchen.