Home Remedies For Bladder Infections

bladder infectionsBladder Infection is quite common and can occur due to a variety of reasons. There are several medications available but these are not without any kind of side effects and long term use of all these medicines is certainly not desired by any one of us.

In case you suffer from such a condition, you just need to maintain high levels of hygiene and try out home remedies for bladder infections which will help you to stay fit for a longer time. These are easy to follow and do not have any side effects.

Best Home Remedies For Bladder Infections

Drink Cucumber Solution 

You need to peel and then slice a fresh cucumber and keep it in a thermos container. Now add water to this. Keep drinking this water throughout the day, as it will help to increase the alkaline level of your body and it is going to help in case of bladder infections. It also has a cooling effect and helps to keep the body hydrated.

Stay Away from Alcohol


If you are suffering from a bladder infection or have a tendency of developing this infection, you will have to stay away from alcohol. Alcohol irritates the bladder further and makes conditions worse.

Fresh Orange Juice Mixed With Salt

orange juice

If you feel a severe pain you can try out fresh orange juice and salt mixture. This needs to be at room temperature when you drink it. It provides relief in a short time.

Have A Cup Of Pineapple Cubes

Pineapple is a rich source of bromelain which is an enzyme known to be very effective in bladder infections. So, you will be having antibiotics without any side effects whenever you are having pineapple. Try to have a cup of pineapple everyday and get rid of bladder infections in a short time.

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Drink Water Throughout The Day


Drinking water has several benefits and one of the most recommended home remedy for bladder infection. Keep drinking a glass of water in a gap of almost every hour till you are able to get away with the pain. It keeps the body hydrated and helps in the proper functioning of all your organs including bladder.

Blueberries And Cranberries Can Help

Both of these have several medicinal properties and ability to fight bacteria. Blueberry juice can be consumed in the morning as a part of breakfast, which is effective in preventing bladder infections.

blueberries and cranberries

You can also sprinkle these fresh fruits over your cereals and have them every morning. Cranberries are also quite effective and are known to have a slight antibiotic effect. You need to have just 4 ounces of cranberry juice to get rid of the infection.

Avoid Caffeine Loaded Drinks

You have to cut your caffeine intake. You need to stay away from all caffeine loaded drinks also like soda pop or caffeined soda or any coffee based drink as caffeine will irritate your bladder further. These effective home remedies are surely going to reduce your pain and offer relief from bladder infections in a short time.

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